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Alcohol and drug abuse can have a devastating impact on the life of the addict, their family, and even society as a whole. Most people living in Antrim will be aware of at least one person who is struggling with substance abuse problems. This individual may have many good qualities but once they are inebriated all hell breaks loose. It is difficult to watch a person destroy their own life and this is particularly difficult for families to deal with – especially if they are in any way dependent on the addict. Addiction is often described as a family disease and this is why drug and alcoholics support for families will often be required.

Addiction Help for Families Living in Antrim

The reality is that if one member of a family is addicted to alcohol or drugs it can have a huge impact on the functioning of this whole unit. This is particularly true when the addict is a parent. The rest of the family will try to adjust to the substance abusers behaviour as best they can but it will usually mean that things are far from ideal. It can mean that even if the addict manages to make it through drug and alcohol treatment the family will still be dysfunctional because this is now the normal.

Experience has shown that it is often necessary to involve the whole family in addiction treatment because:

  • Each member of the family will usually have been harmed by the addiction so it is important that they are offered the tools and support they need in order to recover.
  • When people initially break away from their addiction they will still have many problems to deal with. In order to reduce the risk of them falling back into addiction it is helpful if the family is supportive and understanding – although at the end of the day it will always be the individual’s responsibility if they relapse.
  • Some family members may believe that just because the individual has gone through rehab it will mean that everything is now going to be perfect. This type of unrealistic expectation can put added pressure on the person in recovery, and they may use it as an excuse to relapse. It is important that everyone has realistic expectations and then no one will be disappointed.
  • Addicts usually learn how to survive by manipulating their family members, and they may continue to do this even after they have become sober. It is important that family members develop the skill they need in order to avoid this type of manipulation.
  • If they family has become dysfunctional as a result of the addiction they will often need help in order to turn things around. This could involve things like couples counselling.

There are many examples of families in Antrim who survived addiction and went on to live new and better lives. It is only the addict who needs to actually enter rehab, but the family will usually need help in order to recover from the substance abuse as well.

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