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Addiction is a problem that impacts the lives of too many people in Scotland. While most communities will have people who are known to be addicts this can be only the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that it is more common for this type of problem to remain hidden within families because of the shame and the desire to protect the addict. There are also high functioning substance abusers who are skilled at hiding the worst of their excesses. There are many families in the Kirriemuir area who are impacted by addiction, but it is important to realise that help is available.

Help for Addicts in Kirriemuir

The difficulty that most addicts face is not in regards to finding help but in developing the motivation to quit in the first place. The problem is that most substance abusers are ambivalent about their problem – there are times when they want to stop, but there is also the desire to continue using alcohol and drugs. It is usually at the times when these people behave particularly badly or hit their personal rock bottom that they become more amenable to drug and alcohol support and treatment. The fact that the individual has developed the willingness to enter drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres can be a sign that the nightmare is almost over.

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Once the individual becomes willing to get help for their addiction they need to take action fast. This is because their willingness to change may only remain for a short duration. They can slip back into their usual deluded way of thinking about alcohol or drugs, and there is no guarantee that they will ever again develop the willingness to quit. In order to take the next step the individual will need to seek out help and either enter rehab or get the support they need some other way.

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