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Addiction has been described as a family disease. This means that it not only impacts the life of the individual but also their whole family. It is often young children who suffer the most, but all loved ones can be impacted by this behaviour. There are families in Beaumaris who are dealing with this type of situation, but there is help for the addict and for them. When dealing with this type of issue it can be almost as important to provide support and assistance for the whole family as it is for the addict.

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Drug Users and Alcoholics – Support for Families

There are a number of reasons for why it is so important that the family as well as the addict are involved in recovery including:

  • In order to help the individual break away from their addiction it will be helpful if the family can be as supportive as possible. This means offering support when it is required and knowing when to step away. The addict will usually have become an expert at manipulating family members so it is vital to be able to deal with this.
  • Family members can be traumatised by living with an addict, and they need help in order to get over this. This type of family will usually have become highly dysfunctional in order to accommodate the addict. In order for the addict to recovery the family will often need to get better too.
  • Family members can have unrealistic expectations for early recovery, and this can lead to problems when their loved one returns from alcohol or drug rehabilitation. It is important that they are prepared for this home coming so that they are better able to cope.
  • The addict living in Beaumaris will have a number of options for recovery, and they will often want to consider the opinion of family members before making a choice.

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