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If people are looking for drug or alcohol help in Ellon they will have a few possible options. If they choose some type of residential treatment it may be necessary for them to go to Aberdeen or one of the other nearby towns, but they should be able to get the ball rolling in Ellon. The most important thing is that when people feel that they have had enough of substance abuse that they take action right away. If they delay there is a good chance that they might change their mind, and this will mean that a good opportunity to end the addiction has been lost. There is no guarantee that they will ever get another chance to end their addiction so it is vital to strike while the iron is hot.

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The Need for Drug or Alcohol Detox

Those individuals who have been abusing alcohol or drugs for many years will be at risk of developing serious withdrawal symptoms. This is particular the case with substances such as alcohol and barbiturates where the person can enter the DTs (delirium tremens). If there is any risk that the person is going to have severe withdrawal symptoms it will be important to be medically supervised through the danger period. If the person fails to have this supervision it could mean that their life will be in danger.

One of the great benefits of entering a drug or alcohol detox is it gives the person the opportunity to pick up the skills and knowledge that they will need to build a good future. Rehab is often compared to a strong foundation in a house. If we try to build a house on a weak foundation there will be a strong risk that the building will come tumbling down. But if those people in Ellon who need help with their addiction choose rehab they will be building a strong foundation.

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