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21a Bolling Road, Bradford. BD4 7BG

Key Points

  • Private
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • 24/7 nursing
  • Residential
Built in 2009, Oasis Bradford was originally commissioned by the Department of Health as the only detox clinic of its kind in West Yorkshire. The 19 bedded detox unit is equipped to accommodate people with limited mobility and wheelchair users; we can also accommodate some self-care and can make provision for some additional personal care needs. We also specialise in complex detoxes and high risk detoxes. Oasis Bradford provides a safe, supportive in patient environment, where clients can complete a medically managed physical withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. 24/7 specialist nursing care is provided and all patients are reviewed several times a day by nursing staff when medication is dispensed.

Very satisfied with my treatment and hope to remain abstinent for the future.


From the day I come I have been treated with respect and not treated differently to anyone else. Staff have been very nice and helped me and so have my peers. I have felt safe and secure and part of me does not want to leave. If you need help I would definitely use this place.


It has been very pleasant and supportive environment.I feel that I have been able to speak to anyone either peers or staff for any direction.