article-2384752-1B27DC05000005DC-266_634x436Former International footballer Paul Gascoigne has been fined in court after pleading guilty to two charges of assault last month in Stevenage.

A ‘Serious Matter’.

Paul was reported to be in addiction relapse, drunk and disorderly at a train station in Stevenage last month, grappling with security guards who tried to help him on to the platform. Gascoigne’s teenage son told the court yesterday that he watched as his father grabbed a security guard by the throat and verbally abused him.
Gascoigne’s family, who are trying to encourage Paul to seek treatment for his alcoholism, were shocked to see the former star in a desperate and volatile state. Appearing before magistrates yesterday the former-football player admitted assaulting the security guard on July 4.

Magistrates Ruling.

Paul was reportedly visiting his father when the ticket inspector found him drunk. Getting off at Stevenage, 23-year-old station guard Jack Sherrington tried to help him into a wheelchair as he was struggling to walk.

Prosecutor Elaine McMillan said: ‘The defendant was abusive towards Mr Sherrington, using the c-word repeatedly and he ended up grabbing hold of Mr Sherrington effectively in the neck area.’

Gavin Harris, defending, said Gascoigne had been drinking due to stress caused by worry for his father’s health and for ‘acute physical pain’ from a recent hip operation. ‘Mr Gascoigne is remorseful and apologises for his actions,’ he stated.

Magistrate Carolyn Marsh commented that this was a ‘serious matter’, fining Gascoigne £1,245 including £100 in compensation directly to Mr Sherrington, who later said: ‘I sincerely hope he gets the help that he needs in the future.’

Addiction Relapse.

Gascoigne attended a rehabilitation clinic in the United States earlier in the year before returning to the UK and being the subject of a public addiction relapse.  There is widespread concern for his well-being and his family and friends are trying to encourage Paul back on to the path to recovery.

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