The house is within easy reach of the heart of the city. It is elegantly decorated, designed by a top interior designer and with a rustic, homely feel. There are three shared bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms and decks. A roof terrace is landscaped to create enjoy some relaxed moments in the fresh air. There is a large sitting cum dining room and a state of the art kitchen. Domiciliary staff visit three times a week.


To balance the need for structure and containment with adequate flexibility for personal autonomy.

Admission Criteria:

Clients must have an assessment and be at least 21 days clean ahead of admission.


The programme is designed to offer continued counselling and therapy within group, one to one and social sessions. It backs up the 12 step method that will have been learnt during primary care and guides clients to create a balance between boundaries, freedom and self-efficacy. Each client is allocated a key-worker, and conjoints with family and loved ones are encouraged. Regular urine testing and breathalyser testing are undertaken.


The team consists of counsellors and support workers, led by an addictions specialist and an eating disorders expert.


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