Location and Profile

This 12 Step abstinence based treatment facility is located in Surrey, but they accept clients from right across the UK and beyond. This is a private second stage facility, which means that clients will be expected to have already gone through the initial withdrawal process before they arrive. The aim of the program is to provide the individual with all the tools they are going to need in order to build a good life free of alcohol and drugs. This is a female only facility.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Drug addiction
  • Dual diagnosis clients – this refers to a situation where the individual has a mental health problem such as depression alongside their addiction.

Staff Ethos

The staff members in this facility are dedicated to the highest possible standard of knowledge and professional values. They have a genuine desire to help anyone who comes looking for help from this facility. All clients are treated in a non-judgemental way, and they are given the respect and dignity that they deserve. The various member of the team work hard to create the type of environment that is going to promote change.


There are 15 registered beds in this facility. This includes five single rooms and five double rooms. Eight of these rooms offer en suite facilities. This rehab offers a fairly lavish and homely atmosphere, and a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that clients get to enjoy plenty of comfort during their stay. This is because it is recognised that if the resident is uncomfortable in their surroundings they will not be able to get the most out of the program.

The Treatment Team

The multidisciplinary team is made up of a wide range of professionals including:

  • Therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Support workers
  • Yoga instructor
  • Fitness instructor

All the different members of the team are dedicated and professional always. They are expected to keep on updating their skills so that the clients receive the best possible treatment during their stay.

The Treatment Program

This facility offers a three to six month program that is based on the Minnesota model (the 12-step program that is used by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous). This means that the clients will be expected to work the 12 Steps during their stay. They will also be expected to attend 12 Step meetings so that they will get into the habit and continue with this once they leave rehab.

Best Suited For

This rehab will be a good choice for females aged between 18 and 65. The fact that it revolves so closely around the 12 step program means that it will be a good choice for those who intend to use fellowship groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous once they return home.

Disabled Access

There is no wheelchair access for this facility so it will work best for those clients who have a relatively good amount of mobility.

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