Accommodation: The centre accommodates more than 25 clients who stay in one of five comfortable sober living houses, a short distance away from the day treatment facility. The houses are safe and secure with experienced housing counsellors on hand round the clock. During their stay, clients share household chores and take responsibility for community decision-making.

Ethos: Addiction is a real disease that is best treated in a supportive peer environment.

Treatment: Tailored to the needs of each client. The programme has a 12 step structure in four stages of treatment. Stage 1 is assessment and detoxification, during which time former clients in recovery provide support in the form of “buddies”. Stage 2 is a period of intense treatment which includes group and one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy, educational workshops, anger management groups, nutritional advice and family sessions. Stage 3 continues a similar level of treatment but with more focus on reality and relapse prevention. Stage 4 is a structured programme of aftercare. Clients are normally resident in this addictions centre for at least 12 weeks.

Staff: The highly qualified team includes a GP, therapists and counsellors.

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