Location and Profile

This specialised rehab guesthouse is located in Cape Town. It provides ongoing help to those individuals who are recovering from alcohol or drug problems. The aim of this facility is to help the person strengthen their recovery and build upon what they have already achieved in first stage rehab. The owner of this facility is well respected in the field of addiction recovery, and they are devoted to providing a service that is tailor made to fit the needs of each client.

Addictions Treated

  • Substance abuse
  • Substance dependency
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Alcohol dependency

Staff Ethos

The aim of the staff members at this facility is to encourage clients to go on a voyage of self-discovery while staying in a therapeutic environment. The counsellors will provide the person with the space to reflect and will assist them in developing a path that will strengthen their recovery. The staff at this facility are all very dedicated and committed to helping the individual make real positive change.


This guesthouse/rehab is located right beside the beach. It has room for just 12 residents at a time so this ensures that clients will have plenty of attention during their stay, and they will get to enjoy a real homely environment. The small size means that the resident gets to enjoy intense attention. There are six rooms in this rehab and each of these has en suite facilities.

The Treatment Team

The addiction team is made up of three dedicated counsellors. Each of these individuals is suitably qualified, and they are always committed to keeping their knowledge and skills up to date. This team will work with the resident in a very intense way to ensure that they are able to get the best out of this experience.

The Treatment Program

The treatment program at this facility is geared towards those clients who already have a reasonable foothold in their recovery. The aim here is the build upon the foundation so that the person will be able to really take their recovery to the next level. When people stay in this rehab, they will benefit from regular one to one sessions with one of the resident counsellors. This will provide the opportunity to discover the individual’s exact needs and to begin to address these. The program works to help the individual discover potential barriers to their recovery, and to remove these.  This treatment program has proved highly effective – even with those clients who were struggling with their recovery. There is an emphasis on the 12 steps, but the treatment team are interested in any treatment modality that is going to help the client.

Best Suited For

This facility is a good choice for males and females who have already passed through the first stage of recovery and want to take things to a new level. Those individuals who find that they are struggling to become comfortable with sober living may find that this program is particularly useful.

Disabled Access

Please contact us here to discuss your mobility needs, and the suitability of this rehab to meet these needs.

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