Location and Profile:

The Kenilworth Clinic is set in a grand Victorian building in view of Table Mountain. With nearly 20 years of treating addiction, the Kenilworth Clinic can proudly boast of helping more than 4000 people achieve long-term recovery. The unit prides itself on its record of successful outcomes, it’s very experienced counselling team and a patient-to-counsellor ratio which allows for intensive individual counselling.

What can be Treated?

• drug addiction (both illicit and prescription)
• alcohol addiction
• gambling addiction
• sex addiction
• disordered eating
• Issues associated with addiction

Whatever the addiction, the Kenilworth clinic will tackle it to restore life and happiness.

Staff Ethos:

The clinic understand that in this busy day and age, for many people there is only time for one shot at achieving recovery before it is necessary to return to life and work. Therefore, the aim of the treatment programme is to be effective first time, every time. In order to achieve this aim, a meticulous assessment is carried out in order to create a treatment plan focused on the needs of that particular individual. A variety of different factors are taken into consideration to give the treatment the best possible chance of having a successful outcome.


The Addictions Unit of the Kenilworth Clinic is housed in a separate, modern, 24-bed facility. The building is purpose-designed with the comfort and recovery of patients in mind and offers them the opportunity to get well in an environment conducive to wellness.

The Treatment Team

Together, the team offers over 30 years-worth of experience in working with addiction. The team consists of specialist psychiatrists and psychologists, counsellors, doctors, nurses and occupational therapists. Each member of the team is passionate about battling addiction, and some have experienced it first-hand.

The Treatment Program

The treatment offered by the Kenilworth Clinic combines residential rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, and a continuing care package. No two patients are the same and so their treatment programme will be tailored to their individual needs. The first step will always comprise residential treatment, and the duration for which this is required may vary from a few days to several weeks. The initial treatment phase will then give way to outpatient treatment which aims to address strengths and weaknesses which have come up as a result of the first phase. Once the client is fully entrenched in recovery, they are then able to move onto the third stage; the continuing care programme works on skill building and relapse prevention.

Why choose the Kenilworth Clinic?

The disease of addiction and its effects do not disappear overnight. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires continued support and resolve. The Kenilworth Clinic provides this qualitative backup. Addiction recovery patients remain the clinic’s responsibility for as long as they require support; sometimes for years.

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