Recovery Aftercare

There are a number of different options when it comes to aftercare, but whatever you decided on, aftercare is a crucial part of the recovery process and in helping to prevent relapse.  Addiction Helper can advise on individually tailored plans to meet your treatment needs and your commitments when you come out of rehab.  Aftercare is always discussed with the individual prior to an admission, so we can ensure that your aftercare is firmly in place ready for your discharge from treatment.

What are the Aftercare Options?


  • Some rehabs will provide free aftercare to clients who commit to a longer term inpatient stay.  Addiction Advisor can advise you if the rehab you have selected is one of them.
  • Addiction Helper can arrange a BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) registered Counsellor locally to your home to deliver a weekly care package.  The Counsellor will be well established and fully qualified in treating addiction using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. They will meet with you once a week in a safe and secure public facility to deliver one to one aftercare counselling.  Aftercare counselling packages can be arranged through Addiction Helper and tailored made to fit in with your treatment needs and requirements.  An Addiction Helper Treatment Counsellor will talk you through your options when deciding on a treatment plan and help you choose the aftercare package that is likely to work for you.
  • You may decide that you wish to benefit from aftercare at the rehab clinic as well as engaging with one of our aftercare counsellors.  That being the case your aftercare will be very comprehensive and provide you with the best chance possible at maintaining your newly acquired sobriety.
  • Attend 12 step fellowship meetings or local services.  This may be an option if funds are tight.  12 step fellowship meetings are encouraged in addition to the aftercare Addiction Helper and our rehab clinics provide as part of growing and maintaining your sobriety.

What are the Benefits of Aftercare?


  • Aftercare is vital in supporting you in your early abstinence from addiction.  If you choose one to one Counselling Aftercare with Addiction Helper, you will also benefit from being able to address any outstanding issues that the rehab clinic may not have time to address due to the length of time you spent with them.
  • Aftercare can also keep you motivated to keep going and to deal with problems as they arise, giving you a valuable sound board to your thought processes and problems.  In addiction is usual that individuals keep most of their feelings and thoughts inside. ignore Pressing problems are ignored  in the hope they will go away or resolve themselves.  This is not healthy and can be especially dangerous to someone in recovery, so keeping the channels open to talk in confidence to a trained Counsellor will help greatly in your continued recovery.
  • Aftercare in rehab clinics, due to demand, generally consist of group sessions held once every few weeks.  For some this may not be intensive or individual enough and travelling to and from a rehab can add unwanted pressure, incur travel costs and be hard to fit in if the rehab is some distance away.  For others they may prefer to have aftercare with a rehab clinic they have already had treatment with, and may welcome the opportunity to catch up with others that were receiving treatment at the same time.

Whatever your decision with regards to aftercare, it is important that you include this as part of your treatment package.  Aftercare offers many benefits and can really help you settle in to day to day life after a residential stay at a rehab clinic.  Helping you to put into practise what you have learned and help safeguard against relapse in those early and very vulnerable days of abstinence.

For more information on individual aftercare plans and costing, please call our helpline and speak to one of our Addiction Treatment Counsellors who will be happy to help in any way that they can