Location and Profile

This private rehab facility is located in Lancashire, but it treats people from right across the UK. This rehab is committed to clinical excellence, and they pride themselves on providing a professional and excellent service. It is run by one of the most well known private health care providers in the UK.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Opiates
  • Stimulants
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Dual diagnosis

Staff Ethos

The underlying principle that influences the staff ethos in this facility is that clients have the capacity to change. It is the job of the team members to empower this individual so that they will be able to make these necessary changes. This can be achieved by providing the correct environment and give the client access to the resources they will need for their journey. All the staff members at this facility are committed to doing all they can for clients. They behave professionally at all times and are committed to continued education to ensure that their skills and knowledge remains up to date.


This facility has ten beds that can be used by either males or females. Each client has their own room with en suite facilities. 8 of these beds are dedicated primarily to clients who are going through detox. This is a hospital facility but care is taken to create an environment that feels as non-institutional as possible. Care is taken to make sure that the resident is comfortable during their stay because this will impact their ability to get the most out of the program. There are 200 acres of ground surrounding this facility so there will be ample opportunity for the client to relax in a natural setting.

The Treatment Team

The treatment team is made up of medical staff, nursing staff, counsellors, therapists, and support staff. The goal of this team is to provide the client with whatever it is that they are going to need in order to build a strong recovery. The treatment team is managed by a consultant. The detox element of the recovery process will be completely medically managed to ensure that the individual passes through this stage as safely and as comfortably as possible.

The Treatment Program

The treatment program offered is based around the needs of the client. A full assessment will be made upon admission. The program is an integrated systemic approach that will involve an eclectic mix of approaches that have proved to be successful in the past and will include:

  • Group therapy
  • One to one therapy
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Family therapy
  • Life skills
  • Educational classes about addiction and recovery

Best Suited For

This facility will be able to help men or women aged between 18 and 80. Detox will be medically supervised so this facility will be a good choice for those individuals who have been using alcohol or drugs for many years and are at risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. This rehab is also able to treat those individuals who have complex needs.

Disabled Access

This treatment centres offers full wheelchair access. Eight of the rooms provide full disability access.

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