Location and Profile:

Since first opening in 1995, Houghton House has developed a reputation as one of the most esteemed clinics offering treatment for addiction in South Africa. Situated on a large property in the tranquil location of Ferndale, Johannesburg, the clinic provides the perfect location and environment for individuals to recover from their addiction. The caring, supportive and healing environment offered by Houghton House is a proven effective recovery aid. The clinic offers a holistic approach which combines motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and the 12 step programme. The clinic offers treatment programmes of either 28 or 42 days.

What can be treated?

Houghton House offers treatment programmes to anyone suffering substance abuse, whether that is drugs (illicit or prescribed) or alcohol.

Staff Ethos:

At Houghton House the staff don’t believe that addiction is only determined by an individual’s willpower or their strength of character. The belief is that clients need intensive and continuous treatment which is an essential component to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction.The focus is on giving the clients the tools required to achieve a life of recovery. The aim is that once they leave the facility they will be able to live a fulfilling life and maintain long-term sobriety.

The Treatment Team

Houghton House is staffed by a team of highly qualified professionals including medical doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, certified addiction counsellors, nursing staff and consulting psychologists.

The Treatment Program

The treatment programme combines many different elements including screening, medical assessments, one-to-one counselling, group therapy, addiction education, re-integration programmes, fitness and health care, relapse prevention, and family groups and therapeutic support. Through combining all of these elements, it is possible to offer a programme in which the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the client are met.

Why choose the Houghton House?

Coming into recovery from addiction after years of substance abuse can be a daunting and difficult transition for many people, but the caring and supportive healing environment at Houghton House eases the adjustment process and most patients come to consider the facility as a second home.

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