Addictions treated: alcohol, drugs including benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, gambling.

Accommodation: There are 11 individual, deluxe, interior-designed living areas. Each accommodation includes a living space, en-suite bathroom and spacious private balcony. Rooms are equipped with cable TV, DVD, writing desk and a fridge with fresh fruit juices and mineral water. Other luxury facilities include a spa, swimming pool and a personal fitness studio.

Ethos: To enable clients to have positive experiences of life beyond the ‘old life’ of their drug and alcohol addiction and to allow clients to have amazing experiences of what an addiction-free life can offer.

Treatment: The clinic uses a holistic, whole person approach to work the mind, body and soul. The programme integrates the 12-step model of treatment with psychotherapy, complementary therapy, spa treatments and excursions.

Staff: There is a high staff to client ratio. The clinical team is mead up of a psychiatrist, medical doctors, nursing staff, counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and support staff.


This treatment centre is situated in an idyllic setting of Chaing Mai in Thailand. Providing 11 individual luxury living areas, each with its own en suite facility and air conditioning. Clients can benefit from facilities such as an on-site Spa, private swimming pool, outdoor lounge area and personal training studio. The clinic is set within acres of beautiful tropical landscaped gardens and natural lakes. Those flying in from overseas will be collected at the local airport by a member of the clinics staff and taken directly to the treatment clinic to settle in. Access to this clinic is through private funding only and individuals can access treatment for alcohol, drugs and process addictions.


  • Alcohol dependency and abuse
  • Cannabis
  • Crystal Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Eating Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • GHB / GBH
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Mephedrone, MCAT, Miaow Miaow
  • Methadone
  • Prescription medication
  • Process Addictions
  • Gambling
  • All other drug addiction and poly drug use
  • Mental disorders associated with addiction
  • Co dependency


Many of the staff at this clinic has their own personal experience of addiction, they work hard to inspire each individual to find their own ideal in recovery and help them to grow towards that. The staff help to motivate individuals to embrace life on a daily basis, living to the best of their ability and finding peace and harmony within. This is a beautiful and healing place in which individuals can recover with the help of caring and compassionate staff who are on hand to assist every step of the way.


The clinics accommodation is very attractive and spacious and all benefit from modern interior design and en suite facilities. Each room is well equipped with its own private balcony, Cable TV, writing desk and a refrigerator so that clients can store their personal refreshments of soft drinks and fresh juices. The facilities at this rehab clinic are outstanding and include a swimming pool, Spa treatments and personal fitness studio. Regular excursions are also arranged to encourage a sense of enjoyment and appreciation for sober life. This clinic prides itself on the high level of care and facilities that are available to each individual. The clinic its self is very discrete and secure with around the clock medical care and therapeutic support.


This clinic offers a high staff to client ratio, meaning that clients benefit from a much personalised treatment plan and high level of support. The team consists of highly qualified and experienced staff and includes a fully qualified doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, nurses, holistic therapists and support staff.


This clinics treatment programs are designed to cater for the specific requirements of each client, so each care plan is tailored accordingly. Treatment programs start at 4 weeks admission, including detoxification if required. The treatment program is holistic with a person centred approach to the mind, body and spirit. The treatment program incorporates the 12 step model of care and cognitive behavioural therapies. This is combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to achieve optimum results. The staff here work hard to free individuals from addictive and destructive behaviours and help them to take a more meaningful and spiritual approach to life.


The Chaing Mai Clinic in Thailand is best suited to those whom are looking to get away from it all and are seeking a retreat in a warmer climate in which to recover and recuperate. This clinic offers luxury accommodation and a large selection of holistic therapies to compliment the healing process.


This clinic is suitable for individuals with mild levels of physical disability. If you are unsure, Addiction Helper can assess whether this treatment centre would be suitable to fit with your individual physical requirements.

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

Substance misuse: Drugs:      Alcohol:  
Female only project: No
Typical length of the first-stage programme 12
Typical length of the second-stage programme 12
Mandatory drug/alcohol testing: Randomly / On suspicion
Detoxification available
Detox length  
Alcohol: 10 days
Opiates: 3 weeks
Benzodiazepines: 0
Stimulants: 10 days
Support available
Supported housing and resettlement:
Education, training & employment
Female only groups:
Philosophy/programme of care: 12-step (inc MM)
CBT/social learning
Therapeutic community
Programme details:

Our evidence based on treatment programme is centred on the 12 Step Philosophy. Our first stage is an intensive programme at its core addiction recovery group work one to one counselling sessions and specialist groups including gender groups, Criminal Justice, Health and Wellbeing and family groups. Our second stage is a bespoke treatment programme focusing on clients life goals. Areas covered include: Life Skills, Education and Carreers, Physical and Mental Health and Relationships.
Family support services:

Six weekly 'family days' incorporating bespoke 'family process' groups family members and client counselling sessions prior to client graduations
Activities provided for children and families:

Clients can have family visits after 4 weeks residency. Once every 6 weeks the centre holds a family day during which family members are invited to participate in theraputic groups.
Post treatment support:

All our graduate clients are guaranteed access to one years aftercare - twice a week. All our first and second stage graduate clients are guaranteed housing in our third stage Recovery Housing community.
Harm reduction policies for clients leaving the programme early:
Where clients leave our programme early they are issued with a discharge pack containing information on: reduced tolerance, blood borne viruses, who/when/where to contact their referring service and some items for personal care.
Resettlement / after-care services:

All our first and second stage graduates are guaranteed accomodation in our third stage Recovery Housing community. There are over 250 beds in various locations.
Accepted clients Male / Female
Age range of clients 18 - 65
The following are accepted: Couples
Service users with children
Orders of residence
Clients under Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRRs)
Clients under other community orders
Criminal Justice referrals: Court reports provided
Accompanied court attendance
Child care options: Children can have day visits
Dual diagnosis clients accepted
How the programme is equipped for dual diagnosis or complex needs:
Our Recovery programme can be delivered to clients with stable and treatable secondary conditions.
Accepts client on the following prescribed psycho-active medication: Anti-depressants
Total registered beds: 38
Ensuite rooms: 38
Shared rooms (3+): 0
Twin rooms: 0
Single rooms: 38
Female-only beds: 16
Male-only beds: 22
Beds for detox: 30
Detox programme details:
This centre offers a medically monitored detoxification programme supervised by a specialist prescribing GP. We are able to cater for both drug and alcohol detox.
Level of wheelchair access: None
No. bedrooms with full disabled access: 0
Sign language: No
Pets: No
Level of catering Partial
Domestic responsibilities Partial
Complementary therapies:
Art Therapy
Meditation Yoga
Other facilities (eg. languages spoken, dietary options, religions etc.): Religious holidays observed
Facilities for worship
Dietry requirements

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