Conditions treated: All eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating.

Accommodation: A 10-bed clinic in a spacious Victorian house with a large garden. The centre is well maintained and has the ambiance of a family home.

Ethos: To provide the intensive treatment of a hospital programme in a non-clinical environment.

Treatment: A personalised care plan that is reviewed weekly in consultation with the client and the care team. The structured therapeutic programme is designed to address both the physical and psychological well-being. It includes cognitive behavioural therapy, group psychotherapy, assertiveness training, anxiety management, equine assisted therapy and nutritional rehabilitation. Clients are given skilled support before, during and after meals. Alternative therapies such as creative writing, yoga and relaxation sessions are encouraged. Family support is also offered.

Staff: The skilled team includes a psychiatrist, occupational therapist, dietician, nurses and therapists experienced in eating disorders and mental health issues.

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