Location and Profile

This facility lies on 3.6 hectares in the outskirts of Maynards Green in East Sussex.

Addictions Treated

This is a specialised addiction rehabilitation centre. Here are the addictions treated:

  • methadone
  • hydrocodone
  • oxycodone
  • heroin
  • methamphetamine
  • LSD

And more.

Staff Ethos

The whole staff works alongside each client, forming a unique balance between professionalism, trust, and empathy. The mission is to provide an effective path for rehabilitation from drug abuse and to assist society in preventing the scourge of drugs worldwide. They aim to provide the necessary means, through a drug-free approach to rehabilitation, for a successful return to society.

The treatment methods do not use substitution drugs as a way of withdrawal. Instead, they provide medical and therapeutic support and 24/7 help to their clients.


This is a new, purpose-built drug rehabilitation centre. The facilities are positioned on eight acres within the beautiful small town of Heathfield in East Sussex. A trip from London would last just an hour. This is a CQC-monitored and regulated rehab.

The Treatment Team

This rehabilitation provider has been providing help to addicts throughout the world for over half a decade. They have a policy of working only with trusted, understanding, empathetic professionals and devoted support workers.

The Treatment Programme

The standard treatment follows a proven structure: Assessment, Detoxification, Rehabilitation, Aftercare

Some of the therapies used include:

  • Life skills learning
  • individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse-prevention techniques
  • Art Therapy and workshops
  • Trips

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline on 0800 024 147

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