Location and Profile

This rehab location is based in a rural area near Cornwall. The decision to choose a rural location is to give patients natural beauty and calm to better make their dreams of sobriety a reality. This facility has a reputation for providing clients the tools and the emotional support they need to rid themselves of their addictions.

The general trend is those who stay longer are more likely to achieve their goals upon their return home.

Addictions Treated

This treatment facility is equipped for helping patients dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. It specialises in treating those with both short- and long-term addictions.

Staff Ethos

All staff are here to deliver a programme that always put clients first. It does not revolve around a particular treatment model or follow a precise pattern. Staff will spend time learning what works for the affected individual and, based on their findings, devise a suitable treatment path for them.

Staff regularly seek the feedback of clients to determine how services can be improved going forward.


There are 16 single beds in this treatment centre. Each client gains access to a private bedroom with the highest standard of luxury and comfort. The buildings are well-maintained and surrounded by regularly tended gardens. Patients are able to embark on a number of nature walks or relax in the common areas. Residents are able to enjoy this accommodation for any duration between three months and one year.

The Treatment Team

The team come from a range of professional backgrounds, including social care, medicine, and nursing. They are trained to spot problems early and address these before they can begin to take hold. The staff are dedicated to seeing their patients benefit from a five-star service that meets their precise needs.

The Treatment Program

The client-based programme focuses on the traditional tried-and-tested 12-step programme. There are aspects of the programme that take place in-house, but there are also portions of it that take clients to local Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. This treatment path can include:

  • group therapy
  • individual therapy
  • behavioural therapy
  • alternative medications, including yoga and meditation
  • creative exercises, such as art classes and cooking
  • equine assisted therapies
  • life skills and resettlement programmes

Best Suited For

This facility accepts patients between the ages of 18 and 65. Clients must be willing to partake in the 12-step programme. Unfortunately, diagnosed psychiatric disorders are not best suited to the staff and ethos of this facility. This facility is also unable to accept clients who possess schedule one offences.

There is limited wheelchair access available throughout this facility, but no specific rooms for disabled patients.

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