Location and Profile

Patients who require a different approach to treatment are welcome in this custom-built rehabilitation facility near Cornwall. Services delivered by rehabilitation experts include detoxification, stabilisation, and a final assessment before returning to the outside world.

These world class facilities deliver exceptional accommodation and an environment geared towards making breakthroughs in addiction treatment

Addictions Treated

These excellent addition treatment facilities address a range of addictions, including conventional drug and alcohol addictions. On top of this, some treatments are geared towards specific addictions, such as addictions to stimulants, opiates, and benzodiazepines.

There is also an addiction treatment programme specifically geared towards couples.

Staff Outlook

The goal of all staff working in this addiction facility is to provide a safe environment whereby patients can be nurtured and trained to take control of an addiction-free lifestyle. Every client is seen as unique, and every client will have their requirements met. Staff do not operate on a particular recovery model. Everyone receives a programme tailored to them as an individual.


Comfort and luxury are valued within this facility. Accommodation is designed to make patients feel as if they are at home, rather than in a type of institution. Rooms are modern and come with everything required by someone dealing with an addiction issue.

There are 15 single rooms with en suite bathrooms and furnishings are of the finest quality and well-maintained. Gardens surround the facility and are fully accessible by clients.

The Treatment Team

The team working at this facility come from a range of backgrounds and specialise in different fields. Some are nurses, some have worked in medicine, and others come from the social care profession. They are there to ensure that everyone has the resources needed to support their road to sobriety.

Each resident gains the benefit of a key worker who works directly with them. This member of the team will deal with the patient on an individualised basis.

The Treatment Program

The treatment facility operates using a client-based programme. There is no single approach used to help promote sobriety. Each person will be given what is best for him or her in full consultation with them. No patient will be expected to do this alone.

The programme provides as much support as humanly possible, and it is partly about discovering what will deliver the most success, as opposed to simply following a 12-step programme.

Best Suited For

This rehab is all-encompassing and welcomes both males and females between the ages of 18 and 65. The treatment’s client-based approach is part of the reason this is such a good choice for a variety of people.

The physically challenged are also catered to, with full wheelchair access and a special room equipped for the needs of these individuals.

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