Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre in Newmarket

Quick Facts about our Alcohol Treatment Centre in Newmarket:

• This facility is located in Newmarket which is to the north of London

• It is the only clinic in the UK that offers alcohol specific treatment

• It is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission

• This is a first choice option recommended by many medical professionals

• The programme offered by this facility has an excellent reputation and a proven record of success.

• The facility offers luxury accommodation – double rooms with en suite facilities.

• It is located in the countryside so clients get to enjoy a particularly therapeutic environment.

• Emphasis on family support

• It is just a 25 minute drive from Stansted Airport

• This facility has been custom built to function as a rehab clinic

• They report over 95% satisfaction from clients

• Clients will be fully medically managed during their stay

• They are devoted to best practice

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre in Newmarket

An alcohol treatment centre in Newmarket is an option worth considering if you are looking to end addiction problems. This type of facility is not only attracting clients from the London area but also from elsewhere in the UK and beyond. Newmarket is located just an hour outside of the capital and there are plenty of local transportation options. The specialist team at this facility has plenty of experience of helping people break away from alcoholism.

Treatment Goals at the Centre

This facility is able to offer clients a safe and therapeutic environment in which they can begin their journey into recovery. Each person who enters into this programme is treated like an individual, and this means that their exact needs will be accessed and the team will create a care plan based on these needs. The client works alongside the therapist to identify their own needs, and this ensures that they will be able to get what they need from the programme.

Good Reasons to Choose this Centre

There are now many rehab programmes in the UK to choose from, so what is it that would make somebody choose this particular rehab? Here are a few good reasons for making this choice:

• This programme has already helped thousands of people to escape alcohol addiction, and to go on to live success and productive lives.

• The cost of treatment is very good value. In fact, they are 30% to 60% cheaper than their competition. They do not have any hidden costs when it comes to providing this care.

• There programme lasts from four to six weeks, and this is usually enough to give the individual a strong foundation in recovery.

• Those who join this programme will benefit from being properly assessed, and they will receive treatment based on their needs. This rehab does not use a “one size fits all” approach.

• The team at this facility is made up of a diverse group of professionals to ensure that the individual gets the help they need. All the members of the multidisciplinary team are suitably trained and highly dedicated to helping their clients overcome alcohol addiction problems.

• Aftercare is taking very seriously at the centre and clients can expect a comprehensive plan for when they go home.

• This treatment programme offers unique features such as a family wellness programme and realignment life coaching classes.

• There are also fitness programmes and instruction in relaxation techniques.

The Centre Offers a Holistic Treatment

When a client arrives at this facility, they are not just treated as someone with an alcohol addiction problem. They are seen as a unique individual who is full of potential and possibilities. The programme is a holistic one, and this means that it is designed to treat the whole person and not just their symptoms. By the time the individual is ready to go home, they should not only be ready to remain free from alcohol, but they should also have the skill needed to be successful.

Treatment Approach

The treatment approach offered by this programme includes:

• 12 Step work

• Therapeutic environment – the fact of just staying in this facility should increase the person’s motivation to stay free of alcohol.

• Self-awareness promotion

• Key worker sessions – this means that the individual will have one-to-one therapy sessions with a therapist who will take responsibility for them during their stay.

• Group counselling sessions – this is where the individual will be involved in therapy sessions with other clients.

• Cognitive behaviour therapy – the individual will learn how to take charge of their own thinking.

• Emotional freedom technique

• Motivational interviewing

• Stress management techniques

• Sleep promotion techniques

• Meditation training

• Relapse prevention

• Aftercare planning

Admission to the Treatment Centre

This facility is able to take planned or emergency admissions depending on the needs of the client. When the individual arrives at the rehab, they will have their needs fully assessed, so that they will have a suitable treatment plan. Those individuals who are dealing with discomfort due to withdrawals can have medications prescribed to make this detox process a bit more comfortable.

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