Location and Profile

This drug and alcohol rehab on the outskirts of Lancaster is there to prepare former substance abusers for sober living. It provides a therapeutic environment in which people will be able to begin developing their potential. This is a second stage program, which means that the individual will have needed to pass through the detox stage already – this rehab facility is part of a group that also provides detox treatment. The program here lasts about 12 weeks, and by the time the person leaves they should be ready to tackle live in sobriety.

Addictions Treated

The addiction treated in this facility will include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Drug addiction

Clients with a dual diagnosis will also be accepted at this facility. This is a situation where the individual has a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety disorder alongside their addiction. The person with a dual diagnosis will need to be assessed first to ensure that the treatment on offer is going to be suitable.

Staff Ethos

It is the goal of the staff at this facility to provide a nurturing and safe environment in which clients will find the motivation to begin moving towards their potential. All the members of the team offer their services in a non-judgemental and transparent way. A high priority is put on being open and honest and on always providing clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. It is the job of the staff to help the individuals cement their own recovery so that they will be ready for the challenges that are going to face them once they return home.


This facility has been designed to offer plenty of comfort because this is vital in helping the individual get the most out of the program. If the person is not comfortable in their surroundings, they will be distracted. There are 20 registered beds in this facility; 14 of the beds are for men and six are for women. This facility has six single rooms and seven twin rooms. The interior benefits from high quality furnishings, and there are rooms in the building for socialising and relaxing. There are also landscaped gardens surrounding this facility so that residents can enjoy a bit of nature.

The Treatment Team

The staff at this facility are trained within their professions, and they have been trained to provide the program that is on offer in this rehab. There is an intense focus on ensuring that all staff are suitably trained to fulfil their roles, and they are expected to be regularly updating their skills and knowledge.

The Treatment Program

This facility offers a unique secondary treatment program that aims to provide the individual with all the tools they are going to need for their new life. The therapeutic community has a powerful effect on the individual, and they will get the chance to pick up the life skills and tools that they are going to need going forward in their life. The program is a holistic approach in that it focuses on the whole individual and not just their symptoms of addiction.

Best Suited For

This rehab will be a good choice for males and females aged between 18 and 65 who have already gone through detox.

Disabled Access

This facility has been designed for people with disability issues. There is full wheelchair access, and one of the rooms provides full disability access.

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