Addictions treated: Alcohol, drugs

Accommodation: All bedrooms in this treatment clinic are shared two, three or four to a room. This enables clients to support each other at all times and to avoid feelings of isolation and hopelessness. There is a pantry that’s open 24 hours a day with facilities to make hot and cold drinks. Clients can purchase basic toiletries and healthy snacks from an in-house shop which is opened daily. Fresh and healthy meals are provided each day by an in-house chef. There are facilities for croquet, badminton and table tennis on-site and a weekly visit to a local gym is also arranged.

Ethos: To provide a supportive, caring, therapeutic environment in which clients can safely address their addiction and accompanying feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

Treatment: A well-structured programme based on the 12 step abstinence philosophy, including group therapy, one-to-one prevention counselling, workshops, and educational lectures and videos. Clients are given reading and writing assignments as well as practical tasks designed to help them to develop better ways of dealing with their problem. Clients are encouraged to participate in creative workshops such as creative writing, dramatherapy, art therapy and drumming. Therapeutic duties around the house are assigned in order for clients to bring routine and normality in their lives. Complimentary therapies, including Indian head massage, reflexology and yoga, are also offered.

Staff: A multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified counsellors, doctors and nurses.

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