Addictions treated: Drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, gaming.

Accommodation: Accommodation is in a beautiful location close to the town centre. The interior is stylish, warm and welcoming. Most bedrooms are double and each has a unique character. There is a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen that inspires clients to help with meal preparation. A conservatory provides a glorious overview of the peaceful, serene garden.

Ethos: Providing a practical solution for achieving total abstinence.

Treatment: This 12 steps addiction centre offers a full range of rehabilitation treatments in a nurturing environment. The programme includes one-to-one counselling, group work, anger management classes, affirmation groups and written assignments. In addition to counselling, the clinic has an extensive variety of complementary activities, such as gardening, massages, aromatherapy, DVD sessions and art therapy. A personalised detoxification is provided for all drugs and alcohol.

Staff: Treatment is delivered by professional members of staff who have many years’ experience in the field of addiction and eating disorders.

Profile and Location:

This clinic is set in a beautiful and picturesque town in Kent, offering a quasi-residential rehab clinic for only a small number of clients. The clinic offer detoxification and rehabilitation to both sexes for alcohol, drugs and process addictions. Set in the heart of a historic city, all the usual amenities and public transport facilities are close by. The Kent clinic offer residential treatment and rehabilitation in a comfortable, discreet and very safe environment. Due to the small number of clients accepted at any one time you can be assured of round the clock care and high levels of support from the clinic’s staff. This clinic accept referrals from privately funded clients only

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol dependency and abuse
  • Amphetamines
  • Cannabis
  • Crystal Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Eating Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Mephedrone, MCAT, Miaow Miaow
  • Methadone
  • Prescription medication
  • Process Addictions
  • Gambling
  • All other drug addiction and poly drug use
  • Mental disorders associated with addiction
  • Co dependency

Staff Ethos

The staff at the Kent clinic are highly skilled and qualified and are able to afford a high level of care and personal attention to their clients. They believe in treating each client as an individual and tailoring their care plans to meet with individual needs and requirements. Their approach is very professional and nurturing, providing a healing and compassionate environment that is safe and peaceful. The Staff believe in the 12 Step model of abstinence and combine this with cognitive and holistic approaches to treat the mind, body and spirit, repairing self-esteem and dignity and re-igniting a passion for life


The Clinic offers very comfortable and homely surroundings and the staff are warm and welcoming. The clinic only accommodates a small number of clients at any one time ensuring that each individual receives a comprehensive and intensive treatment and support package. All rooms are double with one en suite and the clinic itself is set in very attractive and peaceful surroundings. This clinic prides itself on its attractive and homely décor with a high level of security to provide a secure and confidential place of safety and healing.

The Treatment Team

The clinics team of practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in each of their individual roles. The team is led by the clinics Treatment Director, who is supported by a dedicated team of Counsellors, and a local GP. For additional support during the detox period the clinic has its own registered nurse. This rehab clinic is outstanding in its level of care and commitment to its client’s long term recovery and healing

The Treatment Program

Treatment at this clinic starts at a 2 week detox, with the average client staying for the duration of 6 to 8 weeks. The clinic also facilitates a 12 week program for those who require a longer period of stabilization and treatment. The program offered is based on the 12 Step model of care with cognitive and holistic approaches. Each client’s care plan will be tailored to meet with their individual treatment needs and requirements. This clinic offers residential treatment only as it has been recognised that residential treatment affords a higher success rate than less intensive methods. The clinic also offer one to one counselling, support for families and loved ones and a comprehensive aftercare package. The treatment day is structured and incorporates additional activities such as gardening and aromatherapy. There will also be attendance to 12 Step fellowship meetings on a regular basis.

Best Suited for

The Kent Clinic is particularly suited to someone who is looking for a quiet rehab that is small and homely with attractive accommodation and surroundings. The staff at this clinic are very caring and will always aim to go that extra mile for their clients; providing a very supportive and nurturing environment.

Disabled Access

The Kent clinic is suitable for individuals with mild and mild to moderate levels of physical disability. However for someone with moderate to moderate to severe mobility problems they do not have the necessary equipment or staff to accommodate. If you are unsure, Addiction Helper can assess whether this treatment centre would be suitable to fit with your individual physical requirements.

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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