Addictions treated: Alcohol and drugs, including heroin, crack, cocaine, speed and cannabis.

Accommodation: Detox takes place in permanently staffed accommodation. After detox, clients move to ordinary houses which are visited by support workers daily. All clients have their own rooms with double beds. They are expected to take responsibility for domestic duties such as shopping, budgeting, washing and cleaning.


Ethos: The clinic encourages positive regard, encouragement, respect, understanding and tolerance. It discourages criticism, blame and shame. Clients are treated with courtesy, empathy and honesty.


Treatment: 12 steps focused and also incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis. Detailed assessments are undertaken as are group and individual counselling, and group workshops aimed at education, understanding and awareness.


Staff: All key workers are in recovery and so have a sound base of personal and professional addiction experience.

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