Addictions treated: Alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication.

Accommodation: The treatment centre has a homely atmosphere, with en-suite bedrooms, a spacious lounge, a family room and three kitchens. There’s an in-house chef and the clinic is staffed 24 hours a day by fully qualified nurses, as well as support workers and recovery coaches. Disabled facilities.

Ethos: Treatment is based on researched evidence and a “what works” approach, enabling the client to fully participate and enjoy a life free from addiction.

Treatment: Alongside the clinical detox, the clinic offers a holistic therapeutic programme with support, advice, guidance and daily counselling. Specific attention is placed on working with existing support networks and agencies to help prepare an aftercare package appropriate to the individual client. Free aftercare is offered for a year.

Staff: Many of the clinical team have overcome their own alcohol and drug problems, giving them complete empathy with clients.

Location and Profile:

The West Yorkshire clinic is a purpose built detox unit that can accommodate up to 12 patients at any one time. The clinic is part of a successful and well -established rehabilitation group of clinics. Offering detoxification from alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs detoxes are medically assisted within comfortable surroundings; detox programs start from 7 days residential stay. The therapeutic program is holistic and the clinic offers 24/7 nursing care. Local facilities and public transport facilities are all within close proximity for convenience. This clinic offers a good standard of accommodation in single occupancy double rooms with on suite facilities.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Opiate Dependency
  • Benzodiazepine Dependency
  • Stimulant Dependency
  • Dual Diagnosis

Staff Ethos

The staff at the clinic provide a warm and nurturing environment for individuals suffering the effects of withdrawal. The program offered is not affiliated with any program in particular and the staff see the clinic as a place of healing using a combination of effective interventions and holistic therapy. Whilst at the clinic you will be introduced to therapies to help support your detox and long term recovery. Here staff believe that keeping clients well informed allows them to make educated decisions that is best for their long term recovery. Clients are therefore involved in every step of their detox and treatment process. Each client is also offered a comprehensive aftercare package to motivate them to make healthy choices and take the right steps to their recovery once discharged from inpatient care.


The accommodation consists of 12 bedrooms for single occupancy. The rooms are bright and spacious and decorated to a good standard. The clinic is able to accommodate both sexes of clients over the age of 18. There will be a live in housekeeper and cook to prepare meals. 24 hour care is provided to all clients admitted

The Treatment Team

The clinics team consists of several members of highly skilled and qualified staff including a Clinic Manger, a Doctor, Counsellors, Recovery Coaches, Holistic therapists , Nurses and a Housekeeper. The treatment team provide 24 hour care with a good level of support and intensity.

The Treatment Program

Whilst clients are detoxing they will engage in recovery focused groups and holistic therapies to help support their long term recovery. The Treatment is not based on any one model in particular, but rather introduces a range of previously proven interventions and complimentary therapies. All clients will be offered a comprehensive discharge and aftercare package. In addition clients can benefit from one to one counselling sessions and loved ones and family members will also be offered support and advice. Detoxes are medically assisted with substitute medications to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. All drug / alcohol detox cases will be written up by a qualified doctor on arrival at the clinic. Most patients stay for an average duration of 2 weeks, depending on their individual detox needs.

Best Suited For

The West Yorkshire clinic is best suited to individuals seeking a high level of care and comfort during the process of detoxification but who do not want to stay for a full rehabilitation program. The clinic is also able to accommodate those with disabilities and in need of wheel chair access.

Disabled Access

This detox clinic is suitable for individuals with a mild, moderate and moderate to severe levels of physical disability. There is full wheelchair access to all the rooms and facilities. If you are unsure whether this clinic would be suitable for you, please call our helpline for a more in depth assessment of your mobility needs and requirements
For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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