Addictions/conditions treated: Drugs, alcohol, dual diagnosis.

Accommodation: Clients are accommodated in private air-conditioned cabins with a four poster bed, luxury bathtub, alfresco shower, flat screen tv, WiFi and mobile coverage. Fresh fruit is served daily and there is a laundry and cleaning service. Outside of the cabins, clients have access to a wide range of facilities, including a swimming pool, spa treatment and exercise equipment.

Ethos: Intelligent modern holistic non-religious treatment methods to achieve lasting addiction recovery and cognitive and behavioural change.

Treatment: The clinic takes a hybrid approach which uses the evidence-based psychologically-tested techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy but retains the time-tested structure of 12 step therapy. Clients receive one-to-one counselling and group therapy which are enhanced using specialist psychological techniques such as mind mapping, positive affirmation and creative visualisation. Physical fitness is an important part of the programme as is relapse prevention and aftercare.

Staff: A team of Western trained and licensed professional alcohol and drug counselling specialists with many decades’ combined experience.

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