Addictions/illnesses treated: Alcoholism, drugs, gambling, eating disorders, Dual Diagnosis and co-dependency.

Accommodation: The treatment centre has 23 beds in its primary care facility.

Ethos: The clinic offers a high quality of care and treatment, and has a vision to return lives that addiction has taken away.

Treatment: Day care available. Fully Medical 24/7. The Minnesota Model of treatment incorporating individual and group counselling, therapy, lectures, workshops, stress management and attendance at 12 step fellowship meetings.

Staff: Treatment is offered by an experienced team of counsellors and therapists.


This clinic is a primary care clinic set in Somerset offering treatment for clients with Alcoholism, drug addiction and Eating Disorders and some process addictions. The Treatment program offers a minimum of 4 weeks residential rehabilitation, including a medically assisted detox if required. The clinic takes referrals from both the private and public sector.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol dependency and abuse
  • Cannabis
  • Crystal Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Eating Disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Mephedrone, MCAT, Miaow Miaow
  • Methadone
  • Prescription medication
  • Process Addictions
  • Gambling
  • All other drug addiction and poly drug use
  • Mental disorders associated with addiction
  • Co dependency

Staff Ethos

The staff at this clinic are very caring and supportive of each individuals recovery from Addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs or process addictions. They believe in a total abstinence approach to all mood and mind altering dugs using a program adapted from the Minnesota model of care. Their approach is person centred, dealing with all aspects of addiction and encouraging individuals to make the right choices and decisions in the best interest of their long term recovery


The Clinic is a 23 bedded residential facility that offers primary care, with a further 32 places in adjacent houses for those staying on for Secondary care. The accommodation itself is basic and comfortable and suitable for those who are perhaps on a smaller budget or whom are able to access government funding.

The Treatment Team

The clinics team consists of nursing staff, Counsellors , Holistic therapists, a Doctor, Consultant Psychiatrist and support staff to provide a comprehensive and multi-skilled approach to treatment. The nursing team is on hand for those in needing around the clock care in the early and vulnerable days of detoxification.

The Treatment Program

The rehab clinic offers a range of different treatment techniques and programs for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and day care patients. The Primary and Day care programs being the most intensive and structured in order to meet with client’s treatment needs. The treatment program is based on an adapted version of the Minesota model of abstinence and incorporates a wide range of holistic therapies using a person centred and cognitive approach. The 12 step program also plays a large part in the treatment offered and clients will be taken through the first 5 steps of the 12 Step Recovery program. All clients are expected to attend 12 step fellowship meetings on a regular basis to support their recovery and to aid against relapse. The treatment environment is very supportive and encouraging, incorporating advice and support sessions for the family also.

Best Suited For

This rehab clinic is best suited to individuals who are looking for effective and affordable access to treatment. The clinic is busy and offers multiple spaces to accommodate a diverse range of clients and their treatment needs. The clinic also has a professional Psychiatric Consultant who is able to prescribe medication and support to those suffering from dual diagnosis. This treatment clinic will benefit those who are in need of a highly structured and disciplined approach to their treatment. It may not be suitable for those who prefer a quieter and more luxurious treatment clinic

Disabled Access

The Somerset clinic is suitable for individuals with mild levels of physical disability. However for someone with moderate to severe mobility problems they do not have the necessary equipment or staff to accommodate. If you are unsure, Addiction Helper can assess whether this treatment centre would be suitable to fit with your individual physical requirements.

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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