Accommodation: The centre accommodates more than 25 clients who stay in one of five comfortable sober living houses, a short distance away from the day treatment facility. The houses are safe and secure with experienced housing counsellors on hand round the clock. During their stay, clients share household chores and take responsibility for community decision-making.

Ethos: Addiction is a real disease that is best treated in a supportive peer environment.

Treatment: Tailored to the needs of each client. The programme has a 12 step structure in four stages of treatment. Stage 1 is assessment and detoxification, during which time former clients in recovery provide support in the form of “buddies”. Stage 2 is a period of intense treatment which includes group and one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy, educational workshops, anger management groups, nutritional advice and family sessions. Stage 3 continues a similar level of treatment but with more focus on reality and relapse prevention. Stage 4 is a structured programme of aftercare. Clients are normally resident in this addictions centre for at least 12 weeks.

Staff: The highly qualified team includes a GP, therapists and counsellors.

Location and Profile:

Set in Chelmsford in Essex this rehab clinic is part of a successful and well -established rehabilitation group of clinics. The sober living houses house same sex groups only and are within a short walking distance of the clinic. Local facilities and public transport facilities are all within close proximity for convenience. This clinic encourages individuals to regain independence whilst offering a high level of support to ensure their safety at all times. Their program is based on the 12 Step model of care and is intensive and comprehensive, incorporating holistic and cognitive approaches. This clinic offers a good standard of accommodation in single occupancy rooms for up to 25 clients at any one time.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol dependency and abuse
  • Amphetamines
  • Cannabis
  • Crystal Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Dual addictions
  • Ecstasy
  • Eating Disorders as a secondary illness
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Mephedrone, MCAT, Miaow Miaow
  • Methadone
  • Prescription medication
  • Process Addictions
  • Gambling
  • All other drug addiction and poly drug use
  • Mental disorders associated with addiction
  • Co dependency


Staff Ethos

The staff at the Chelmsford rehabilitation clinic are very passionate about their individual roles and believe that recovery starts with abstinence and is an on-going process of continual growth and rehabilitation. Using the 12 Step model of treatment, this clinic advocates a recovery that is free from all mood and mind altering chemicals. Clients are provided with the tools needed to change their behaviours and outlook on life. The clinic has a highly supportive and structured environment and many of the staff have their own past experience of addiction, placing them in an ideal position of empathy and understanding. Their belief is that no one is ever too hopeless to help and that everyone deserves the opportunity to recover and lead a productive and happy life free from the misery and pain of addiction


The accommodation consists of same sex houses with the day clinic a short walk away. The houses are comfortable, light and airy and decorated to a good standard. All rooms have single occupancy at this clinic. There is also around the clock care in the form of Housing Counsellors who are on hand day and night to offer support and advice when needed.

The Treatment Team

The clinics team consists of several members of highly skilled and qualified staff including a Clinic Director and Manger, a G.P, Qualified Counsellors, Holistic therapists, Housing staff and support workers. The treatment team have a huge passion for the program that they run, but also appreciate that each individual will have additional issues that need to be covered in a comprehensive care plan

The Treatment Program

The Treatment is based on the 12 Step model of total abstinence, along with holistic and cognitive approaches. The treatment day consists of meditation, group therapy, workshops and one to one counselling. Residential clients are expected to attend planned activities and 12 Step meetings in the evenings. The Primary residential program is structured and disciplined and runs for up to 12 weeks. Clients also have the option of staying at home if the clinic is nearby and attending the clinic on a daily basis, although this is only suitable for clients who are disciplined, able to function independently and have a safe and stable home environment. The clinic are able to offer a Secondary care program to their clients with reduced levels of supervision but with the same levels of support and therapy delivered during their Primary care program

Best Suited For

The Chelmsford clinic is best suited to someone who enjoys the support and companionship of others and is looking for a clinic that is also furnished to a high standard with good levels of support and care. Someone who is looking for a longer term treatment program and needs help to integrate into the community, or someone who is looking for a day program that meets their treatment needs but still allows them to return home to their family in the evenings. This clinic prides themselves on their in-depth and well-structured approach to 12 Step recovery, encouraging reintegration and self-sufficiency. Their approach can particularly benefit someone who is lacking in discipline or who has become reliant on others to do things for them.

Disabled Access

The Chelmsford Clinic is suitable for individuals with a mild to moderate level of physical disability. However for someone with severe mobility problems they do not have the necessary equipment or staff to accommodate. If you are unsure whether this clinic would be suitable for you, please call our helpline for a more in depth assessment of your mobility needs and requirements

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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