Bayberry Cottages

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Bayberry Cottages Nuneaton Road Over Whitacre. Nr Coleshill B46 2NL

Key Points

  • Residential
  • Family Workshops
  • CBT
  • Holistic Treatment
We are a family run business, offering an exceptional choice of tranquil, residential recovery centres - treating alcohol addiction in Solihull, West Midlands and surrounding rural locations. When you call us, you will be chatting directly with the people who will support and care for you throughout your treatment journey and beyond. Our facilities accommodate a small number of people at any time - in luxurious and discreet surroundings. The services we offer are diverse, providing scope for many different disorders, allowing us to tailor a personal recovery programme for each individual. We believe that the disorder is a symptom - it is not a label and it does not define who you are.