Salvation Army

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Hart Place Bicester OX26 4FR

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Well, were a bunch of normal people with kids and jobs, with too much to do and too little time, with faults and failings, doubts and dreams. But we believe the world should be a better place and that God wants that too. Were an unashamedly quirky movement. A church and charity from Victorian times living and loving in a world that faces many of the same problems now as then. So were busy doing the kind of stuff youd expect us to do; helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, making friends with those who are lonely, lost or in some way struggling with life. But we know being is important too. We know God and want to know him more. We know Jesus and think hes awesome! We want to follow his way of life and be like him. So we also take time to just be. To be loved and understood, to listen to Gods voice and let him work in us.