Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Oldham

Nowhere in the UK remains untouched by addiction, and it’s unsurprising that urban areas such as Oldham with particularly pronounced economic challenges should appear to bear more than their fair share of the addiction burden, as illegal drugs on one hand and alcohol and prescription medicines on the other wreak havoc in public and private across the town and throughout Greater Manchester.

If you are struggling with addiction in or near Oldham you may well feel that you have lost all hope of turning your life around. However, hold on to that hope because help is out there: read on to discover how rehab can make the difference between life and death and can set you on the path to recovery.

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What Is Rehab?

Rehab – more formally, “residential rehabilitation” – is the name given to facilities dedicated to the provision of addiction treatment, as well as the term used to describe the process by which an addict gets such treatment. In rehab, patients are able to benefit from the presence and expertise of highly trained and experienced medical professionals, and from a facility’s tranquil, aesthetically pleasing, secluded and, importantly (because of the potentially devastating consequences of a patient’s condition becoming common knowledge), confidential environment in which they are able to concentrate fully upon their recovery.

There is a more or less widespread consensus that rehab is the addiction treatment model with the greatest efficacy in terms of providing the greatest likelihood of permanent abstinence on behalf of the patient. This is the case because rehab tackles both the immediacies of physical dependency and the longer-term challenges of psychological addiction, enabling addicts to overcome both and equipping them psychologically to deal with life back in the outside world; many other approaches to treatment focus on only one element of what is an extremely complex equation.

How Can I Get Someone into Rehab?

It is imperative to get an addict help as soon as they are prepared to request it: time is absolutely of the essence because addiction can prove fatal at any time, as a result either of overdose or of the type of accident or violent act in which substance abuse is so often a factor. While it is a truism that an addict is only ready for treatment when they are able to admit to their addiction, it is also true that the longer they struggle with that addiction the more likely it is to end in their death or that of another.

With this in mind, the lengthy waiting times associated with NHS services – however high the quality of those services may be – become a serious issue. If you are struggling with addiction, do not waste any time: speak to an addiction specialist today on 0800 024 1455 to discuss the potentially life-changing – and life-saving – private options available to you in Oldham, across Greater Manchester and beyond.

Advantages of Private Rehab

As mentioned above, rehab offers addicts a peaceful, confidential, secluded and secure setting in which to focus entirely upon their recovery away from the environment which has proven so damaging to them and in which they have been unable to resist the allure of substances of abuse.

When a patient enters rehab they undergo a thorough assessment prior to commencing a period of detox which is assisted by highly trained medical personnel who are there to ensure that the process is a safe as possible, and that the experience of withdrawal is made as easy as it can be (potentially with the help of various medications).

Once detox has been completed and the patient’s system has been cleansed of substances of abuse, they will enter the therapy phase: various forms of therapy – both group and one-to-one – and different therapy models will be provided, aims at uncovering the root causes of addiction and at giving the patient appropriate defence mechanisms designed to help them resist relapse.

Throughout their stay each patient will benefit from a tailored fitness and dietary plan – on the understanding that a healthy mind requires a healthy body – and from various other resources available on site (which will differ from one facility to another). Upon leaving the facility, a patient’s recovery is by no means complete: it is an ongoing process involving countless challenges and potential pitfalls. Because of this, good rehabs will provide up to a year’s free aftercare, giving the patient vital security and reassurance for their endeavours.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Oldham

What Does Rehab Cost in Oldham?

The cost of private rehab will vary from one facility to another depending on the nature of the treatment programs offered and of the standard of the facility in question (for example, luxury rehabs can logically be expected to cost more).

Roughly speaking, standard costs in or near Oldham range from £5,500 to £11,000 per month, although the cheapest treatment may be obtained for as little as £834 per week. For more specifics, call 0800 804 4755.

NHS Addiction Treatment Options near Oldham

It is possible that you may feel that private rehab is not at present an option which is open to you, perhaps for reasons of cost or possibly because in your estimation is impossible for you to take the necessary time away from your family and job. It is always worth discussing this with an addiction specialist who may be able to give greater insight into your situation from an external perspective.

However, if even following this conversation you remain convinced that rehab is not currently if you, do not despair: there are numerous NHS and charity resources in and around Oldham and across Greater Manchester which may be available to you in the fight against addiction. Reach out to your GP to discuss these resources and which might be the most appropriate for your situation.

Advantages of NHS Treatment

The most immediately obvious advantage of taking the NHS option for addiction treatment is that these services are free at the point of use, while as mentioned above private rehab comes at a cost which can discourage some addicts from seeking treatment (though when placed against the potential costs – human, financial and other – of not giving help this expense may suddenly feel like an extremely valuable investment).

The NHS also has a geographical advantage over many private providers since it operates across the country, while many good rehab facilities are some distance from Oldham (though others, of course, are very close). Furthermore, the NHS generally offers a high standard of service, though it must be noted that this does vary from one trust to the next.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Oldham

Addiction Support Groups

Alongside treatment facilities and programs able to address the immediate challenges of addiction and dependency, various organisations are active across the UK helping addicts who are in recovery. Some of these operate on a support group model: groups of people who are themselves recovering addicts who convene at regular (often weekly) meetings for mutual support, advice on staying sober and clean, and simple companionship and friendship (which can be key for many addicts who struggle with loneliness after turning their backs on drug-abusing peer groups).

Support group attendees may be only recently free from addiction, or may have been clean for long periods; they come from all demographics and are brought together by their shared experiences of addiction and recovery. Usually, attendance at such groups is free: the only requirement is a commitment to abstaining from substances of abuse.

The best-known support group organisation – and one on which many others have been modelled – is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Founded in 1935, AA provides the famous 12-step programme of personal and spiritual progress (one of the steps being to acknowledge that a higher power – such as God – governs one’s life and can help with an alcoholic’s recovery). Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was founded in 1953 based on the AA model and is the second-largest support group organisation internationally, specifically aimed at helping recovering drug addicts.

Along similar lines are Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), Marijuana Anonymous (MA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), all of which operate 12-step programmes. There are also support groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon assisting the families and friends of addicts which typically hold meetings alongside those for the addicts themselves.

Each local support group chapter is run independently, and meeting schedules and venues are of necessity subject to change. To find information on meetings in or near Oldham, see the relevant websites: Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous; Cocaine Anonymous; Heroin Anonymous; Marijuana Anonymous; Crystal Meth Anonymous.

Types of Counselling

Individual counselling is a form of assistance for people in recovery which is often particularly useful for attractive to those with especially busy schedules, thanks to its relatively light commitment and flexibility timetable-wise. Private addiction counsellors, offering a broad range of therapy models and different approaches to treatment, work in a very similar way to regular psychotherapists (although with a clear emphasis on the causes and consequences of addiction) and can be seen by private appointment on an ongoing basis – typically, week by week.

This kind of counselling is often utilised by recovering addicts who have already been through a full treatment programme at rehab and who now require supplementary aids to recovery – perhaps accompanied by participation in support groups and other agencies; at the other extreme, it is also frequently adopted by addicts who have not yet gone to rehab – perhaps because of a desire first to clear up outstanding professional obligations – and who seek a means merely to manage their addictions ahead of such a stay and their engagement in a full treatment programme.

How to get to Oasis Recovery from Oldham

Oasis Recovery is a unique and pioneering detox and rehab centre located in the heart of Bradford in a quiet secure location perfect for those struggling with addiction. Spacious and tranquil, Oasis Recovery’s highly skilled medical and support staff, and its excellent infrastructure, mean it can facilitate all manner of medical detoxes, including complex detoxes and those who require a higher intensity of medical care.

Oasis Recovery boasts 19 en suite bedrooms – furnished to a very high standard – with walk-in showers, disabled facilities, large communal living areas, well-equipped treatment rooms, outside courtyard, and holistic spa jacuzzi. The medical team provide close monitoring of all patients throughout the day and night, while patients can also undergo structure therapeutic treatment alongside any medical detox which may be necessary.

To get to Bradford from Oldham, take the A627(M) to the M62 towards Leeds/Halifax; then take the M606 towards Bradford. At junction 3 take the A6177 exit. Keep on that road to the A641, then take the A6181 and follow signs to the city centre.