Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Merton

Living with addiction is extraordinarily hard – as a tragically large number of people in the London Borough of Merton, and South London generally, can testify. The country’s addiction crisis is growing worse year on year, and none of the capital’s boroughs is immune.

If you are struggling with addiction (whether to alcohol, an illegal drug (or drugs), prescription medicine, or a combination of these) the temptation to give up hope of a better life can be overwhelming – but you must resist it: help is out there if you are prepared to reach out for it, in the form of a host of high-quality treatment facilities which are saving lives every day.

Rehab centres in Merton will help you understand your illness and teach you coping skills to deal with urges and cravings. Private rehab facilities offer a therapeutic environment that is comfortable, safe and secure. You’ll be surrounded by care professionals and recovering addicts, who offer support and strength.

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What Is Rehab?

Rehab is generally accepted to be the most effective means of treating addiction: tackling both the immediate problem of physical dependency and the longer-term, more pernicious challenges of psychological addiction, rehab provides a holistic combination of therapy, medication and support upon which an addict – even someone who has been abusing drink and/or drugs for their entire adult life – can construct a permanent recovery.

The term “rehab” is applied to both the process of attending a dedicated facility to receive treatment for addiction, and to such a facility itself. Although outpatient programmes are offered by some facilities, treatment is usually provided on an inpatient basis (hence the saying “going to rehab”); if you’re an addict in rehab you will benefit from pleasant, peaceful and confidential surroundings in which you can focus totally on your recovery with the help of highly trained medical professionals and the support of your peers.

Rehab typically comprises two main phases: detoxification (“detox”) and therapy, addressing physical dependency and psychological addiction respectively. Because each case of addiction is unique, each rehab client receives an individual treatment plan drawn up based on an initial assessment of their condition and the nature and severity of their addiction; the confidential nature of rehab means that you can receive this treatment safe in the knowledge that details of your condition will remain secret.

How Can I Get Someone into Rehab?

In general, the NHS provides a high standard of care, including in its treatment of addiction. Unfortunately, however, demand is growing (especially in very densely populated areas such as Merton) and resources are being stretched to breaking point: waiting times are often distressingly long, and time never ceases to be a factor when dealing with addiction because of the constant risk that the addict will suffer a fatal overdose or fall victim to accident or an act of violence in which substance abuse plays a key role.

As a result, if you are suffering from an addiction and are ready to acknowledge your condition and reach out for help, it is important not to waste any more time before investigating private options.

It’s important to recognise that it is almost impossible to treat somebody for an addiction who is not willing to be treated; if someone you love is struggling with an addiction, and you are conscious that for the aforementioned reasons time is a factor, you may despair that they are not showing themselves ready to own up to their addiction and ask for help.

We can assist at this point, by engaging with you to discuss arranging an intervention or other tactics that you can try with the intention of getting them to acknowledge their condition – while if you yourself are struggling with addiction and are ready for help we can assist you in making the necessary preparations ahead of a stay in rehab. Either way, do not let more time go by: call us today to speak with an addiction specialist about what private options are at your disposal.

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Advantages of Private Rehab

Opting to undergo treatment at a private rehab facility comes with a whole host of advantages, including – but not limited to – the following:
Personalised, comprehensive treatment: No two people receive the same treatment plan, as everyone experiences addiction differently. Your unique plan is devised during the intake process to ensure treatment is successful. This begins with a comprehensive assessment, including a psychological evaluation, medical exam and an interview with a drug counsellor to gather relevant personal information.
A wider range of therapies: There is access to multiple therapies in private rehab centres, including as acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, meditation, yoga, art therapy, mindfulness, Nutrition Therapy, and animal therapy, amongst others.
Serene environment: Typically, the surroundings of a private rehab centre are peaceful and serene. Most facilities are to be found in suburban locations to ensure the privacy of patients. There are no distractions or temptations that might derail your recovery journey, as is the case with outpatient treatment. They provide gardens for long walks and relaxation, which are therapeutic for patients.
Nationwide acceptance: Government funded rehab centres are usually restricted to a specific borough or council catchment area and are also limited in the care they provide. Meanwhile, private rehab centres in Merton offer nationwide acceptance to anyone who can afford treatment.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Merton?

The cost of private rehab will vary from one facility to another depending on the nature of the treatment programs offered and of the standard of the facility in question (for example, luxury rehabs can logically be expected to cost more). Roughly speaking, standard costs in or near Merton range from £5,500 to £11,000 per month, although the cheapest treatment may be obtained for as little as £834 per week. For more specifics, call to speak with one of our addiction advisers.

NHS Addiction Treatment Options near Merton

If you feel that private rehab is currently not an option for you for reasons of cost, or if you do not feel that you are able to spend the required time away from family and/or work obligations, do not despair: various NHS and charity resources can be found in Merton and across South London which can help you combat your addiction. Consult your GP about which of these resources may be available to you and would be most appropriate for your specific situation.

Advantages of NHS Treatment

One obvious advantage of NHS treatment is cost-related: NHS services are free at the point of use. Another benefit is geographical accessibility: the NHS operates throughout the country, while some rehabs may be a long way away. A further advantage is service quality: NHS addiction treatment services are typically very good. However, it should be borne in mind that quality does vary from one NHS trust to another, and waiting times can be excessive.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Merton

Addiction Support Groups

Several support group organisations operate in the UK aimed at helping addicts. Support groups are made up of people who are themselves recovering addicts, who come together at regular meetings for mutual support in the form of advice on how to resist relapse and overcome the challenges; solidarity and sympathy; and providing simple companionship which can be so important. Typically, attendance at support groups is free, with the only criterion for participating being a commitment to leading a life free of substance abuse.

The most famous support group organisation, and the one on which most others are modelled, is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) which was founded in 1935 and runs on a 12-step programme of personal and spiritual development, with one of the steps being a recognition that a higher power – such as God – can assist with an alcoholic’s recovery. Narcotics Anonymous (NA), founded in 1953 and based directly upon the AA model, is the second-largest support group organisation worldwide and caters to recovering drug addicts specifically.

In a similar vein, but supporting those recovering from addictions to specific substances, are Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), Marijuana Anonymous (MA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), all of which operate 12-step programmes. There are also support groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon assisting the families and friends of addicts which typically hold meetings alongside those for the addicts themselves.

Support groups typically meet weekly, though each local chapter is managed independently and meeting times and venues are subject to change. To find information on meetings in or near Merton, see the relevant websites:

Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous; Cocaine Anonymous; Heroin Anonymous; Marijuana Anonymous; Crystal Meth Anonymous.

Types of Counselling

Some recovering addicts – in particular those with very busy schedules – find that individual private counselling is an extremely useful treatment model. Private addiction counsellors work like regular psychotherapists – though with a clear emphasis on tackling the causes and consequences of substance abuse and addiction – offering private appointments (one-off, irregular, or on a regular basis – usually weekly) and typically charging a fee per appointment.

You can find private addiction counsellors across the country, with many at work in the capital; a great variety of different therapy models and approaches to treatment are available. Counsellors are usually available only during set working hours, although some do make themselves available for emergency access.

This type of counselling is often sought by recovering addicts who have already been through a programme of treatment such as may be provided in rehab and who desire supplementary support during the next phase of the recovery; on the other hand, it is also the preferred option for many addicts who have not yet been to rehab but are preparing to do so and who want help in managing their addictions prior to engaging in a full residential treatment programme.

Information on the London Borough of Merton

  • St Lawrence Church is the Church of England parish church for Morden in the London Borough of Merton.
  • The historic parish of Merton is now known as South Wimbledon.
  • King’s College School is an independent school located in Wimbledon.
  • Merton was historically a part of Surrey. In 1965 it was merged with the Municipal Borough of Mitcham, the Municipal Borough of Wimbledon and the Merton and Morden Urban District.
  • The Baitul Futuh mosque was built in Morden in 2003. It can accommodate 10,000 people and cost £5.5 million to build.

Reaching Merton in London

The borough of Merton is found in south-west London. Its neighbouring areas are Wandsworth, Lambeth, Croydon, Sutton, and Kingston upon Thames, and it has 20 wards.

The Merton wards are Abbey, Cannon Hill, Colliers Wood, Cricket Green, Dundonald, Figge’s Marsh, Graveney, Hillside, Lavender Fields, Longthornton, Lower Morden, Merton Park, Pollards Hill, Ravensbury, Raynes Park, St Helier, Trinity, Wimbledon Park, and Village. If you have to drive around the borough, keep in mind that there are a number of useful large roads to use for quicker access including the A24, passing through the middle of the borough from top to bottom. At the same time, if you consider using public transportation, the local stations are serviced by London Underground (Colliers Wood, Wimbledon Park, Morden, etc.), National Rail (Tooting, St Helier, Raynes Park, South Merton, etc.), and the Tramlink (Wimbledon, Mitcham, Merton Park, etc.).

There are multiple opportunities for your relaxing rehab-focused outings. They may be part of the holistic therapies some rehabs in the area provide. Found in the borough are the famous Wimbledon Park, Ravensbury Park, and Morden Hall Park.

How to Get to Primrose Lodge from Merton

Primrose Lodge is a unique rehab clinic located in the historic town of Guildford, Surrey. Boasting a private gymnasium, purpose-built treatment rooms and en suite bedrooms, this attractive, spacious building is the perfect getaway for those battling addiction, while Primrose Lodge’s highly experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to ensure patients’ safety and comfort. Integrated treatment programmes designed to address the root causes of addiction are provided in a tranquil and confidential environment in which patients can focus wholly upon their recovery.
To get to Worplesdon from Merton get on Beverley Way/Kingston Bypass/A3 from Bushey Rd/A298. Follow A3 to London Rd/A3100 in Guildford. Take the exit towards Burpham/Merrow from A3. Then follow Clay Ln, Salt Box Rd and Worplesdon Rd/A322 to Coombe Ln in Worplesdon
For those travelling by train, go from Merton to London Waterloo East and walk across to London Waterloo for national rail services direct to Worplesdon.

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