999 Centre Deptford

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21 Deptford Broadway Greater London SE8 4PA
Where do you go when you are desperate and lonely and have no one to turn to? With an open door policy the 999 club offers immediate support in any situation by providing links with professional agencies, and giving friendship, help and advice to the most vulnerable in the community. It is staffed entirely by local people, who know the misery caused by homelessness, poverty and drug/alcohol abuse at first hand. If you are sleeping rough, come into the Gateway from 9 am. You can get breakfast, take a shower and do your laundry, and use our computers for job searches, benefits claims and housing applications. If you are not sleeping rough but you have problems with your housing and need help from the 999 Club, we are happy to see you. It is always best to come in sooner rather than later so we can help prevent you from becoming homeless. You can come in to the Gateway from 10.30 in the morning and talk to us about your housing issues. Gateway staff can then make an appointment with the Advice & Support service if you need more help.