Harbour Place

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Harbour Place Day Centre 42 Albert Street West DN32 7SJ

Key Points

  • Free Service
  • Outpatient
  • Support
A key part of the projectÍs activities include, supporting and advocating on behalf of clients through signposting, referral and access to a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies. A recent survey of new clients to HPDC identified 175 as being homeless or in temporary accommodation. The project beneficiaries are the homeless and other vulnerable groups. The definition of ïhomelessÍ is wide and varied and may represent people who live in hostels or in temporary supported housing accommodation. ïStreet homelessÍ is used to refer to rough sleepers and others who may have somewhere to sleep at night (e.g. a friendÍs house, hostel where they cannot stay throughout the day, or night shelter) but do not have anywhere to go during the day. Rough sleepers are a sub-set of the street homeless population. As with ïhomeless,Í vulnerability covers a wide spectrum of people, those who come into HPDC are the homeless, those with mental health, dual diagnosis issues, individuals who use self harm to cope with emotional distress, the lonely the elderly, many people on low incomes and state benefits. From HPDCÍs perspective the vast majority of its clients are vulnerable in one way or another.