Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Southmead

Like the Bristol area as a whole, Southmead is a vibrant, attractive and desirable place to live. However (again like the wider Bristol area) Southmead suffers from a serious addiction problem: hard drugs (especially heroin and crack cocaine) are notoriously easy to come by, but legal substances including alcohol and prescription medications are also having a profound impact on Southmead’s residents and its social fabric.

If you are struggling with addiction it’s important, nevertheless, not to give up hope: there are now many high-quality addiction treatment facilities around the country in which, every day, even the most hitherto-desperate addicts are turning their lives around. If you’re ready to reach out for help, you could join them: read on to find out how rehab can get you back on the path to happiness.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services in Bristol

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    What Is Rehab?

    Residential rehabilitation – or “rehab” – is the term for the process by which an addict gets treatment for their addiction at a dedicated facility, and also describes the facility itself. At rehab, a patient is able to undergo detoxification (“detox”) and withdrawal with medical assistance – often in the form of pharmaceutical as well as therapeutic support – and engage in therapy aimed at discovering and addressing the root causes of their addiction, in a secure, peaceful, pleasant and (crucially) confidential environment perfect for the necessary introspection and contemplation.

    There is a general consensus that rehab is the most effective approach to the treatment of addiction, in terms of its being the most likely to result in permanent abstinence on the part of the erstwhile addict. Its ability to address both short- (physical dependency countered by detoxification) and long-term (psychological addiction, tackled by therapy) challenges in one holistic treatment programme conducted under one roof is unparalleled, and indeed in mainstream culture “rehab” has become synonymous with addiction treatment.

    How can I get Someone into Rehab?

    Addiction is a devastating illness that ruins lives, and the sooner an addict can take the first crucial step and reach out for help, the sooner they can be on their way to a holistic treatment program at rehab and, subsequently, to a life free of substances of abuse. The NHS provides an array of addiction treatment services, including rehab; however, places are extremely limited and waiting times lengthy at best.

    If you or a loved one are in Southmead and desperately need the professional help which rehab can provide, you may not wish to waste another second before exploring some of the private options available to you: call 0800 024 1455 now to discuss next steps.

    The Advantages of Private Rehab

    As mentioned earlier, rehab’s peaceful, pleasant, secure setting is a major factor in the model’s success since it provides an environment extremely conducive to physical, psychological and emotional healing. This is enhanced by rehab’s confidential nature, since patients do not to labour under the burden of the anxiety produced by worries about their condition and treatment becoming common knowledge.

    Detox and withdrawal can be an extremely unpleasant experience, not to mention a very dangerous one: withdrawal from some substances can prove fatal, while even withdrawal symptoms which cannot kill directly can prove so horrendous and difficult to bear that some withdrawing addicts opt for suicide. The support and assistance of highly qualified medical professionals at rehab can ensure that this process – which needs to be undergone before patients can move into therapy – is carried out safely and as comfortably as possible.

    Once in therapy (delivered via a variety of models and in both group and one-to-one settings) patients will explore and analyse the fundamental causes of addiction and begin to develop psychological safeguards against relapse. On the basis of “healthy body, healthy mind” rehab patients will benefit throughout their stay from bespoke fitness and dietary plans as well as from an array of rehab-specific facilities.

    Recovery is not complete when a patient leaves rehab, but is instead a long-term process which can be fraught with challenges. With this in mind a good rehab will offer up to a year’s free aftercare, to reassure all patients that they may still benefit from medical expertise as they move through the very difficult next phase of their recovery journey.

    What Does Rehab Cost Near Southmead?

    The cost of private rehab in or near Southmead can vary significantly by treatment programme, and depending on which of a variety of optional extras are selected. As a rough guide, standard costs range from between £5,500 and £11,000 per month, though the cheapest rehab treatment can start from as little as £834 per week. For more details, call 0800 804 4755.

    NHS Addiction Treatment Options Near Southmead

    For various reasons – including concerns over cost or the difficulty of spending a significant period away from family and work commitments – some addicts may feel that private rehab is not currently an option for them. If this applies to you, you need not give up hope: there are numerous NHS and charity resources in Southmead and the wider Bristol area of which you can avail yourself. Speak to your GP about which resources may be suitable.

    Advantages of NHS Treatment

    The primary advantage of NHS treatment is, of course, financial: private rehab comes at a cost which may be offputting to some addicts (although, set against the costs – financial and otherwise – of addiction, this investment may be comparatively minor) and NHS options are free at the point of use. They are also very accessible geographically in that the NHS operates in every corner of the country (though waiting times vary and may be substantial). Furthermore, the NHS offers a high standard of service – though quality does vary by location.

    Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Southmead

    Addiction Support Groups

    Various organisations exist across the UK which provide assistance to recovering addicts on a support group basis: groups of people who are themselves in recovery, who gather regularly (typically weekly) to offer and take advice, share stories of addiction, show solidarity and sympathy, and give the simple companionship that can be so important when someone is struggling with recovery and loneliness. Attendance is usually free, with the only criterion for participation being a commitment to abstinence.

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the best-known and oldest (formed in 1935) of these organisations, and operates on a 12-step programme which is the basis for many other similar support networks – such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) which as its name suggests caters specifically to recovering drug addicts.

    Similarly based on the 12-step model, but each with an even more specific focus are Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), Marijuana Anonymous (MA) and Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), all of which operate 12-step programmes. There are also support groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon assisting the families and friends of addicts which typically hold meetings alongside those for the addicts themselves.

    Support groups typically meet weekly, though each local chapter is managed independently and meeting times and venues are subject to change. To find information on meetings in or near Southmead, see the relevant websites:

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    , Narcotics Anonymous; Cocaine Anonymous; Heroin Anonymous; Marijuana Anonymous; Crystal Meth Anonymous

    Types of Counselling

    A form of help which can be particularly useful for people with very busy schedules, individual counselling may be engaged in following the completion of a treatment programme at rehab, or potentially prior to engaging in such a programme, as a way of managing an addiction on a temporary basis.

    Private addiction counsellors are similar to regular psychotherapists (though obviously with a more specific focus) in that they can be seen by private appointment on an ongoing – usually weekly – basis and offer a broad variety of different therapy models. Private counsellors can be found throughout the country, with many working in Bristol, and usually charge per appointment.

    How to Get to Banbury Lodge from Southmead

    Banbury Lodge is situated in a delightful, peaceful rural setting in the historic Oxfordshire town of Banbury. Its state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced medical and support staff create the ideal environment in which to address the key questions at the heart of recovery from addiction, and to embrace its fully comprehensive holistic rehabilitation programme. It is also one of the only rehabs in the UK offering treatment to people aged between 16 and 18 struggling with addictions.

    To get to Banbury from Southmead, take the A4018 to Cribbs Causeway and then at the roundabout join the M5 heading north. At junction 11A take the A417 towards Cirencester. Keep on that road to the A436, then follow that road to the B4068. Keep going until Fosse Way Road/A429, and thence onto the A44. Stay on that road to the A3400, and after Tadmarton take the B4035; from there, follow signs to the town centre.

    Banbury Lodge
    The Hawthorns
    OX16 9FA