praying-hands-blackwhiteReligion as a therapy for addiction is something that has been used successfully for many years. Alcoholics Anonymous is proof of this, having formed based on a relationship with God and a reliance on faith in recovery. Today, AA has moved away from focussing strictly on religion; however, faith-based programs continue to prove very popular.

Different religions offer their own take on addiction recovery. Most, though, follow the lead set by Alcoholics Anonymous in offering 12-step programs. In addition to therapy and medical care, patients involved in a religion recovery program will be encouraged to learn about a specific religion and participate in prayer. For example, in Christian drug treatment, patients learn about the Christian philosophy and take strength from passages of the Bible to beat addiction.

The idea behind religious therapy is to give patients a new outlook on life and use God as a focus to successfully conquer their demons.

Almost all religions have addiction therapy programs, using counselling, either face-to-face or in groups, to help with alcohol and drug dependency. A pre-existing belief in a particular religion is not required to partake in such treatment, and in many cases, it is better to enter treatment without any understanding of religion at all. If you currently suffer from addiction, consider contacting your local church or mosque for help.

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