For the better part of the last several months, Libertines guitarist Pete Doherty has been spending his time in a rehab programme in Thailand. After a long struggle with drugs and alcohol, the rocker is completely clean and ready to get on with his life. He recently reached out to other addicts by writing a very compelling piece for The Independent.

Doherty wrote from his own experiences as a regular user of heroin and other drugs. In his piece, he explained that there is a way out of addiction. He urged other addicts to just go to a support group meeting and see what goes on. Doherty said addicts ‘will be amazed’ by what they find.

He went on to write about how his treatment began. As with so many others, Doherty decided he had had enough; he decided he wanted help getting clean. He researched a number of different clinics and addiction recovery counsellors before making his choice. Once the choice was made, it was a matter of attending the programme and giving it his best effort.

The Road to Addiction

Doherty also used his piece is tell the story of how he became an addict. The story began when he was a teenager using cannabis. As a fan of 1960s psychedelic music, Doherty was also fascinated with the drug scene that went along with it. When he moved to London a couple of years later, the door to heavier drugs was wide open. It wasn’t long before he began using heroin.

Back in those days, heroin was normally called opium in Great Britain. And unfortunately, opium had a reputation for being a drug that could open one’s mind to the ‘dream world’ of the 1960s psychedelic movement. The romantic association between heroin and intellectual openness was a trap too powerful for Doherty to resist.

In the early years of his addiction, Doherty did not even consider he had a problem. Not even some time in jail could convince him he was in trouble. It was not until he reached the point of considering suicide that he decided he needed to get help. As with many others, he had reached the end of his tether.

Drugs Are a Lie

It there is one thing Doherty and other recovering addicts want you to know, it is this: drugs are a lie. Your friends may tell you how awesome they are; your dealer may tell you how much you need them; your mind may even say they are a harmless form of relaxation. However, none of it is true. Drugs are not awesome; they are terribly destructive. You do not need drugs; you need a new way of looking at life. As for the lie that drugs are harmless, one need only visit a hospital A & E to see otherwise.

We urge you to learn from Pete Doherty and the experiences he went through. Nothing good can come from using illicit drugs in any amount. The same can be said for alcohol, legal highs, and prescription medications. Whenever you put mind-altering substances in your body, you are endangering your own present and future. Do not take that risk. If you are already in trouble, heed Pete Doherty’s words:

“There is a way out. You will heal. I don’t care how much damage you’ve done, you can heal.”

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