Revive Recovery Festival

A July Festival being planned for Durham will bring out large numbers of people recovering for alcohol and drugs  and their families. The ReVive Recovery Festival is all about showcasing all of the effort put into helping participants recover from alcohol addiction.

Riverside Park in Durham will be the place to be on July 20. The organisers of the festival, who are also team members of the Durham Recovery and Well-Being Centre, want the event to be a grand testimony to the fact that ‘people can, and do change’. They hope this year’s festival is just the first in a long line of festivals that take place in years to come.

The festival’s main stage will feature Diva, After the Republic, Moving Targets, and a number of additional well-known bands. There will also be performances by two bands formed from among members of the local centre. The bands have been named appropriately: The Recovery Choir and The Abstainers.

In addition to great music and plenty of food, the festival will also feature tents offering a number of healing therapies. There will be children’s activities, a table tennis tournament, a climbing wall, and a variety of crafts. It should be a great afternoon and evening, running from noon until 8 PM. If you are anywhere near Durham on July 20, we urge you to join them to celebrate alcohol addiction recovery.

Recovery Is Possible

With all the bad news we hear about alcohol and drug addiction in the UK, it is important for us to step back and talk about the good news as well. The news of the first annual Revive Recovery Festival is one such story everyone should be talking about. Of equal importance is the festival’s main theme.

The truth of the matter is that recovery from alcohol addiction is very possible. Far too often, we assume the alcoholic can never get his or her life turned around without some sort of miraculous intervention. However, that is not true. Alcohol dependence can be conquered with perseverance, support and the right kind of treatment. The dedicated team members off the Durham Recovery and Well-Being Centre are proving as much every single day.

Making a Decision

Anyone involved in alcohol recovery knows that overcoming begins with just one decision. As soon as the alcoholic understands he or she has a problem and is willing to do something about it, the biggest hurdle to recovery has been overcome. From there it is a matter of accessing the help the individual needs.

Some recovering alcoholics succeed through outpatient detox and group support. Others do better in a residential treatment programme where they can be separated from the daily routine. Still others require a full compendium of detox, psychotherapeutic treatment, and months of aftercare services.

The most important thing is that the recovering alcoholic and his or her family get the support and treatment they need to overcome. It is not good enough for us to just say we have a problem with alcohol in the UK; we actually need to do something about it. We need to provide help to those who need it as well as education and intervention for those who are at risk. That is the only way to reduce the rates of alcohol abuse and misuse.

If you are currently struggling with alcohol, now is the time to contact an organisation that can help you. The sooner you reach out, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery. Perhaps in the very near future you could be celebrating your own sobriety at home with your family!



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