Are you or a loved one looking for CBT Rehab for an alcohol or drug addiction? If so, you have come to the right place! Addiction Helper are the leading authority on CBT Rehab. We have treated over 10,000 clients across the UK in over 100+ CQC regulated rehab centres. All our staff are in recovery from addiction and many have been through rehab themselves. We specialise in sober transport, immediate admissions, detox, personalised rehab programmes, and free aftercare support sessions.

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CBT Rehab Benefits

  1. Identify negative thoughts and emotions
  2. Become more positive and expect better outcomes
  3. Prevent addiction relapse
  4. Become more rational and manage anger
  5. Control own thinking enabling natural coping mechanisms
  6. Learn to calm down and relax
  7. Overcome trauma and sleep disorders

Are you or a loved suffering from alcohol or drug addiction? Don’t suffer alone. It just takes one call to change direction and get back on the right path.

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

CBT is a personalised ‘talking therapy’ that changes negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that block recovery. Our therapists, trained in CBT, help addicted patients to:

  • Recognise situations involving other people, places or situations which could lead to relapse
  • Cope more effectively with their reactions and responses to these situations
  • Learn how to avoid negative feelings and, if they arise, how to deal with them
  • Address situations in a more positive and assertive manner

How It Works?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. In CBT, problems are broken down into five main areas:

  • situations
  • thoughts
  • emotions
  • physical feelings
  • actions

How Is CBT Different?

CBT differs from many other psychotherapies because it’s:

  • pragmatic – it helps identify specific problems and strives to solve them
  • highly structured – rather than talking freely about your life, you and your therapist discuss specific problems and set goals for you to achieve
  • focused on current problems – it’s mainly concerned with how you think and act now rather than attempting to resolve past issues
  • collaborative – your therapist won’t tell you what to do; they’ll work with you to find solutions to your current difficulties

We specialise in providing tailored programmes to the client and dedicated family support. Alcohol & Drug addiction rarely affects just the individual and we appreciate that this can be a stressful time for all those concerned. If you have any questions regarding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Rehab, treatment needs, location, cost, and other aspects of the Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation process – we can answer them!

The Addiction Helper Promise

At Addiction Helper, we are passionate about saving lives, we promise to:

  • Provide free, confidential and impartial advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Find you the right CBT rehab, according to your specific treatment needs and budget
  • Arrange everything inc. sober transport, admission, aftercare & ongoing support
  • Support you, your family and loved ones during your journey to sobriety
  • Do all we can to help you become permanently addiction-free!

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