Just short of three years since the tragic death of superstar Whitney Houston, Lifetime are about to release a biopic showcasing the life of the star. This long awaited biopic will be screened in January (2015) but fans of the star got their first taste of what’s to come this past Saturday (December 6th).

Yaya DaCosta has been cast as the star and Deborah Cox has provided vocals due to the failure of Lifetime to secure the rights to use Houston’s own vocals. The story depicts the life of the star, which was filled with both highs and lows – the lows coming in the form of a turbulent relationship with singer Bobby Brown and her descent into the depths of drug and alcohol addiction.

Houston’s life highlights the plight of many alcoholics and drug addicts who have had it all and then lost it due to their reliance on a particular substance. The superstar was at the height of her fame when she married Brown but that fateful relationship was the catalyst for a long battle with addiction that, ultimately, resulted in her death at the young age of 48 in February 2012. She was found dead in a bath at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills; the coroner’s ruling was that death was caused by accidental drowning. However, there was cocaine in her system when she died and it was revealed that, at the time of her death, she had been suffering with heart disease.

Family Objections

Cissy Houston, the star’s mother, has spoken of her objection to the TV movie being made and has previously asked for her daughter to be ‘left to rest’. This is a natural reaction and one that the families of most addicts will sympathise with. They will no doubt feel that the star struggled enough during her life and that now she should be left in peace.

However, the movie will be released shortly and fans of the star are eagerly awaiting. Those in the public eye hold an interest for their fans, even when they are dead. Take Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, for example. Both superstars are still in the hearts and minds of their fans despite Jackson being dead for almost six years and Presley for nearly 38 years! Both had addictions that led to their deaths, as well.

Asking for Help

Addiction can have a devastating effect on the life of an addict and their families, as in the case of Whitney Houston. However, there is help available to addicts and to their loved ones, for recovery and for dealing with the possibility of a relapse. Many families feel unable to deal with the addict because they simply do not have any experience. However, at Addiction Helper we can offer advice to the families of those suffering with an addiction as well as helping the addicts themselves.

We can provide information on rehabilitation centres that are local or even those found abroad, which can often be the best solution for someone who needs to be completely removed from familiar surroundings and the possibility that this presents in the form of temptation. Our fully trained experts are waiting to take your call and will offer all the support and advice required. Call us today on 0800 024 1476 for free, confidential advice.


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