The Belfry Hotel in Cambourne is the site of the first in a series of roadshows dealing with drug and alcohol addiction that will be presented throughout Britain. The show will also be presented in Oxford, Leicester, and Birmingham, as well as other locales. Presenters will be discussing their own addiction issues as well as new and various treatment methods now being used by the recovery community.

One of the keynote speakers at the weekend event is Ian Young, a former addict and the founder of the roadshow. The 43-year-old Cambridge native was an addict for 13 years before entering a 15-week residential rehab in 2001. He told the Cambridge News that recovery has come a long way in the last 13 years. He said that today’s addicts no longer have to wait until they find themselves at the end of their tether in order to get help.

That message will be one of the focuses of his presentation at the roadshow. In addition, presenters will also talk about what addiction actually is, how to overcome it, and where to find help. They will even spend time talking about what recovery looks like for those who might be thinking of seeking treatment for him or herself or a loved one. Young told the Cambridge News, “I want families to get a bit of help.”

According to the newspaper, 10% of the British population is now struggling with some sort of addiction – be it to alcohol, illicit drugs, over-the-counter medications, legal highs, or addictive behaviours including gambling and sex. That should not be surprising given the fact that the Government has been saying for decades that the number of adults showing signs of alcohol dependence is likely around 6.5%.

Space for the Cambridge roadshow is limited; the remaining roadshows will probably be likewise. You can find out more information and book a spot by visiting the Addiction Roadshow website.

A Long, Common Road

Young and his fellow presenters will be speaking to addicts and their families regarding their own personal stories. While some of the details of their experiences are different, there are some common threads to them all. For example, none of the speakers became an addict overnight. They all began by experimenting with drugs they assumed to be harmless. They also assumed they could control themselves even if others could not.

Unfortunately, that is how addiction works. The eventual addict is fooled into thinking that he or she can handle their substances of choice even though the statistics show they probably cannot. It only takes a few weeks of regular use before the addict finds them self travelling down that road to a place they never intended to be.

We have great respect for people such as Mr Young who will put their time and energies into helping those undergoing drug and alcohol addiction. The more people actively involved in helping to solve the problem, the better the chances we will actually succeed.

As for you, help is available if you or a loved one is dealing with any sort of addictive behaviour. Addiction Helper is here to assist by offering sound advice, free evaluations, and treatment referrals throughout Britain. We work with the best clinics around to provide proven treatments for residential rehab. We can also help you access services provided by local charities and other organisations.

Alcohol and drug abuse left untreated will usually lead to addiction. So even if you are not yet an addict, do not ignore the warning signs of trouble. Call us at Addiction Helper so that we can intervene before you hit rock bottom.


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