Father of Four Dies Due to Acute Alcohol IntoxicationIn the grips of an addiction, those affected can become desperate, losing control of their sense of responsibility and of what is right and wrong. Once the illness has taken hold of the person, they will do almost anything to enable them to carry on with their addiction.

Substance addiction is devastating and can destroy a person’s life. It wreaks untold havoc on the person affected and their family members have to watch in horror as they see their loved one ruin their life. Very often, nothing can be done to stop this. As well as the heartache and worry, substance addiction can also cause a level of financial hardship as the person affected may begin to borrow or steal in order to fund their habit.

However, one of the most financially crippling addictions has to be a gambling addiction. This type of addiction focuses solely on using money to bet and in some cases, the losses can be huge. It is the thrill of the bet that traps the person and as the addiction begins to take hold, bets can become larger, meaning that losses are bigger. It can get to the point that whatever money the individual has is never enough. They too will begin to borrow or steal and often think that they are going to win big next time. Chasing losses is a major part of a gambling addiction and it is this that, in many cases, leads to financial ruin and the person being caught.

Consequences of a Gambling Addiction

This is exactly what happened to Joshua Walwyn, who stole over £230,000 from his employer to fund a gambling habit that had taken over his life. He has now been sentenced to two years in prison.

Walwyn was employed in the accounts department of telecoms company Abzorb and, while there, he began creating fake purchase orders. He would then pay for these purchase orders by forging signatures on cheques to his own account. During a period of about twenty-two months, he stole just over £231,000; his crimes were only discovered when blank cheque stubs were found while he was on annual leave.

His crimes affected the company’s cash flow and had an impact on the company’s impression of profitability.

Once Walwyn was suspended from the company, he decided to volunteer himself to the police and admitted that his gambling habit had become a problem. The fact that he had admitted his guilt led to a reduced sentence, from three years to two.


Walwyn is now seeing a counsellor in a bid to tackle his gambling addiction but will spend time in prison for his crimes. Unfortunately, this is a common story among people all over the UK. Online gambling has made it easier to gamble from the comfort of home, and adverts on the TV offering free bets when a certain amount is deposited are luring people in as well.

With so many in debt at the moment, reading stories about how others have won thousands of pounds on these sites can be very enticing. Many people will think ‘Maybe I should give it a go too’. Some can bet responsibly but others will become addicted and end up in a similar situation to Joshua Walwyn.

Addiction Help

Thankfully, there is help available for those who have developed addictions to gambling. If you are struggling with a gambling problem then Addiction Helper can provide you with advice and support as well as detailed information on the treatment options available to you. Call us today for free, confidential advice.

Source: The Telegraph and Argus

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