Alcohol is involved in many suicides in the UK, with those who suffer from alcoholism more likely to have suicidal thoughts than the general population. Many people who have taken their lives or attempted to do so have consumed alcohol prior to the act.

While suicide is rarely a spur of the moment decision, those under the influence of alcohol may be more likely to go through with the act because of decreased inhibition and increased impulsivity. Those who suffer from alcohol addiction may also suffer from depression and isolation, especially if they have lost their home and or relationships with loved ones. Personal loss can be a huge risk factor for suicide among alcoholics.

Struggle with Alcohol

Kenny Sansom is the former England and Arsenal star who, at the height of his fame, lived in a £1-million mansion with his wife and three children. However, these days, he is living on the streets as he continues to battle with alcohol addiction. The star has reached such a low point in his life that he has admitted he thinks about killing himself. He said, “I just don’t want to be around, I don’t want to be living the horrible life that I’m living.”

Relationship Breakdown

Sansom married his childhood sweetheart Elaine when he was twenty, and they went on to have three children together. They were married for 29 years but divorced when his alcohol problems became too much for her to handle. Sansom admits that he has never recovered from the divorce, despite having moved in with his mistress, Denise Mullins, soon afterwards.

Nevertheless, Sansom could still not beat his addiction and his relationship with his new lover broke down as well. He was forced to stay with relatives, but he ended up in a police cell earlier this month after a drunken row with Ms Mullins.

Career Problems

Sansom admits that he did not drink alcohol until his twenty-first birthday and enjoyed it so much that he began drinking on a regular basis. While playing for Arsenal, he would often show up for training after having a drink, and his wife was so worried that she begged George Graham, the Arsenal manager at the time, to help. However, apparently this request was ignored.

When Sansom was dropped by Arsenal at the age of twenty-nine, his alcoholism worsened to the point where his family became alienated from him.

Living on the Streets

These days, Sansom is living on the streets and has sold almost all of the 86 caps he earned with the England football team. He sold them to buy alcohol. He admits that he begins most days with a bottle of wine before heading to a betting shop to spend his PFA pension on gambling. To help him fall asleep, he drinks bottles of Night Nurse.

Rock Bottom

Sansom has tried to get help in the past for his alcohol addiction but has always relapsed. Nonetheless, he believes he is now ready to get help after seeing photographs of himself passed out in a park. He says, “I do need help, I know I do. I hope this wake-up call will save my life.”

Fortunately, he is due to get help at a treatment centre thanks to the Sporting Chance clinic and the PFA.

Addiction Help

Kenny Sansom will be getting treatment for his addiction to alcohol; thankfully, there are many organisations offering treatment programmes for addicts all over the UK. Here at Addiction Helper, we can help you to access these treatment providers. Call us today for advice and support as well as information on the various treatments available. We can help you fight the dual diagnosis.

Source: Daily Mail 

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