Drug dependency leads to isolation, as the person involved distances him or herself from relatives, friends and interests.

Heroin and Painkiller users, for example, lead a solitary lifestyle and many believe that the only way they can detoxify and have a normal life is by treating themselves at home.This is a direct result of the loneliness that heroin and other substance abuses encourage.

Human beings are naturally social animals and tend to function best when working together, which is just as true with rehabilitation from drug dependency.Programmes like the 12 Step Process were initially designed in the 1930’s to help recovering alcoholics and now the system has been adapted as an aid for dealing with heroin Drug Addiction">drug addiction.

Drug programmes give addicts a structured framework and timetable to conquer their addiction and act as a support during the difficulties associated with rehabilitation.It can be all too easy to blame everyone else, but programmes that help addicts to accept and adjust their behavioural and compulsive attitudes are a start to full recovery.

Drug dependency treatment helps heroin addicts come to terms with the results of their dependency, the effects their drug taking has on people around them and themselves.It enables them to take stock of their lives, address where their problems may stem from and take steps towards making positive progress.

The 12 Step process helps to set recovering addicts on the road to living a full and meaningful life and to deal with issues that affect body, mind and spirit.Sessions encourage patients to love themselves, build strong relationships with people around them and take charge of their own lives once more.