Neknomination involves daring people to abuse alcohol

Neknomination involves daring people to abuse alcohol to highly dangerous levels.

As a student when I first came across this game I thought, this looks like a waste of time. I didn’t really understand the point of downing a pint of vodka, or as some more ill-advised individuals have done, a pint of vomit, urine, or animal innards. Isn’t there anything better we could do with our time? Nonetheless its trend which has quickly gathered momentum. It is almost the same as drug addiction.

Students fight back

It was said to have started in Australia, and has already claimed many young lives worldwide. This online drinking game has become a new craze for thousands and its popularity is spreading. The idea behind Neknomination is that someone is chosen to drink a pint of alcohol in one go whilst its being filmed, this footage is then uploaded to the internet. The individual who completed the task then nominates others to do the same. This game also has further potential to be increasingly dangerous as those nominated are often asked to perform dangerous tasks after drinking. It has been reported that this trend has led to a number of people dying as a result of acute alcohol poisoning. Drinking games are not all lethal, however consuming such great amounts of alcohol in such a short space of time has resulted in people accidentally overloading their bodies with alcohol to such high levels that they have not been able to recover from the ordeal.

There has been talk amongst government officials to decide whether harsher punishments should be used in order to deter people from playing this game. The police are considering charging those involved with Neknominations which have resulted in deaths, with criminal charges all the way up to manslaughter. The CPS is hoping that they will not have to conduct major investigations as the number of Neknominations posted on social media sites such as Facebook have begun to dwindle.

Others have decided to bring something positive with this fad.  A new take on Neknomination has started called RAKNominations .Many students have decided that instead of doing dangerous dares they would instead create the alternative version, in which individual nominated performs random acts of kindness. This new trend has rapidly spread and older generations are also getting involved. Edward Lennie, 48 , decided to take off  his expensive designer clothes worth thousands and give it to a homeless person , he then went on to nominate two others to follow suit.

Students from across the globe have decided to break typecasts and show that young people are productive and want to better their communities. It goes to show that people have the power to make constructive changes, and to be positive role models. These acts of kindness bring a sense of hope, we all have the ability to do something outside ourselves to help others. Let’s hope that a little action, positivity and caring we can replace the negative aspects of this game. Teenagers and drug addiction are two things that should not, but sometimes do go together. Seek help if you have concerns.

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