For those with little or no experience of drug addiction, the idea that someone would continue to take drugs knowing that doing so would cause harmful consequences is hard to comprehend. The reality is that drug addiction is an illness that affects the brain. Despite what many people believe, it is not something that affects those with no moral standing or those with no willpower. And drug addiction is not something that only affects individuals with links to criminal activity.

In fact, drug addiction is an illness that affects many people all over the world, and it does not just relate to illegal drugs. Many people are addicted to painkillers and other prescription medication that have been prescribed for them by their doctor.

It is important to remember that drug addiction is a recognised illness and, like other illnesses, it can affect almost anyone. Nonetheless, it is an illness that can be treated, and Addiction Helper is here to put those affected in contact with a suitable drug rehab centre where they can access the treatments they need to get better.

Treating Drug Addiction

While some people prefer to bury their head in the sand when it comes to things like drug addiction, it is important that you realise this is an illness that will not simply go away on its own. Drug addiction requires treatment, and most people who are affected will need some form of drug rehab.

Here at Addiction Helper, we generally advise those affected by drug addiction to complete a programme of detox before entering a rehab clinic. It is important that all traces of the drug are removed from the body so that you can begin rehabilitation with a clear mind.

We work with a number of organisations both in the private and public sectors but we do believe that those affected by drug addiction will benefit greatly from a residential programme of care. We work with organisations that require private funding, but we also refer patients to clinics that accept government funding. This means that residential care is accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic situation.

Drug rehab typically involves a number of tried and tested methods, which could include cognitive behavioural therapy, 12-step work, one-to-one counselling, and group therapy sessions. A residential programme will mean you have constant access to care and support and you can learn the skills required for a seamless reintegration into normal life.

If drug rehab is something that you feel could benefit you or someone that you love, contact Addiction Helper today. Our expert counsellors and therapists are on standby to offer free, confidential advice and support to those affected by all types of addiction.

Drug Rehab Options

When it comes to rehab for drug addiction, you have a few options. You could choose to try to get clean yourself, but this is a daunting task. Addiction is not something that can simply be switched on and off again, so professional help is almost always advised. That is not to say it is impossible to quit by yourself. Some people manage to get clean and steer clear of drugs, but without counselling or therapy to address their addictive behaviour, they are more likely to relapse at a later date.

Those who choose to get help have a greater chance of long-term success. For most individuals with a drug addiction, a residential clinic providing an intensive programme of care is a good idea. As inpatient treatment generally requires a stay at a clinic for a period of around six to eight weeks, it can be expensive. However, some clinics accept patients with government funding.

Treatment Abroad

Some people with a drug addiction may opt to have their treatment abroad, and this can be for a number of reasons. Some overseas clinics offer specialised care that is not available here in the UK, which means those struggling with drug addictions have more options in terms of drug rehab.

It is also possible to find first-class facilities in some countries at a fraction of the cost of private treatment at home. Even with flights and transfers, the full cost may be much lower, and patients have the added benefit of recovering from their addiction in a luxurious environment.

Some overseas clinics are akin to top class holiday resorts without alcohol and are the perfect place for relaxing and focusing completely on recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Not everyone who wants to beat a drug addiction will be able to avail of private treatment, whether that is in the UK or abroad. Some have family or work commitments that prevent them from being away from home for any length of time while others simply do not have the means to pay for private treatment and are not eligible for government funding.

The good news is that there are many programmes of care offered by local support groups, charities and the NHS, and most take the form of outpatient treatment in a day care setting. Outpatient programmes vary depending on the provider, with some requiring patients to attend each day while others offer just two to three hours of treatment per week.

Making the Right Choice

Here at Addiction Helper, we will assess your situation and will make a recommendation for drug rehab depending on your circumstances and requirements. We will look at all of your options and will provide you with a number of choices that we feel will best suit your needs. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your choice and will help you with the decision making if you wish.

Our fully trained counsellors and therapists have experience in helping those with drug addictions when it comes to choosing the most suitable treatment provider and they want to help you too. Call us today for more advice and information on how and where to access drug rehab.