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Addiction Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Surrey

At Addiction Helper, we work with the most successful detox and rehab clinics in Surrey and the Home Counties.

All our treatment centres in the Surrey area offer an excellent level of care and a detoxification and rehab programme tailored to individual needs. Whether you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or are suffering from a compulsive behavioural disorder, our experienced assessment team will find the rehab clinic that’s most suitable for you.

Help for cocaine addiction in Surrey

Cocaine is one of the five most commonly used drugs among 16-24 year olds in the UK. Cocaine stimulates structures deep inside the brain which produces feelings of pleasure. It makes cocaine highly addictive and easily abused. Cocaine users need to take increasingly large amounts of the drug to experience the same high.

Cocaine addiction can have serious physical consequences and can ultimately be fatal. So, if you know someone who has a problem with cocaine, you need to take action – fast. Fortunately cocaine addiction can be treated but it takes a long-term commitment by the individual concerned.

The first step towards recovery is detox to remove the drug’s toxins from the system. While not life-threatening, sudden withdrawal from cocaine can be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore detox is best carried out under medical supervision. The addiction treatment centres in the Surrey area provide a first class detox programme.

Detox alone is not enough for sustained abstinence and will need to be followed with a programme of rehabilitative treatment. This allows the addict to address the physical and physiological nature of the addiction and to learn to live a life free of substance use. Residential rehab clinics in and around Surrey will design a programme tailored to the individual’s needs which include a combination of treatments such as one-to-one counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, group work and educational workshops.

Outpatient treatment for cocaine addiction is also available in Surrey for those who are unable to commit to residential rehab treatment. The client attends the clinic during the daytime or evenings for between 30-90 days, and undergoes a comprehensive programme of recovery. However, residential rehab is generally more successful in treating cocaine addiction than outpatient treatment.

Featured Surrey Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

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