A mother and son have appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about the devastation that cocaine addiction has had on their lives.

Mum Irene has told how her son Paul’s addiction to the Class A drug has led to her losing her job, being declared bankrupt, and frightened to open her door. She said that the only reason she appeared on the show was the hope that the son could get help for his drug addiction as she fears he would die before her.

Drug Debts

Paul told Kyle how, in the past decade, he has spent around £200,000 on drugs and that in a desperate bid to get help he cut off his finger just so that he could be admitted to hospital. Irene spoke of how her ‘happy, ambitious child’ developed a cocaine addiction after taking steroids when he was eighteen years old.

His addiction soon got out of control, and Irene spent £20,000 on credit cards to pay off drug debts he had accrued. Because of her credit card debts, Irene was eventually declared bankrupt.

She also spoke of her terror when a drug dealer forced his way into her home while searching for her son and held her by her throat. This has led to her being scared to open her front door.

Irene also lost her job after it was discovered that Paul had stolen large amounts of cash from her employer. She said, “It’s destroyed my life. I lost my job over it. He stole from my workplace.”

The mum also said that she has to take pills every night to help her sleep and that she is ashamed of her son but that she still loves him.


Paul spoke of his desperation to get help for his addiction and said that he saw cutting off his finger as a way to be admitted to hospital. He also told of how his two children are the motivation he needs to quit, saying, “That’s what I’m willing to fight for.”

Show host Kyle told the son that he would end up dead if he did not quit drugs and offered him a place on a rehabilitation programme provided he commit to twelve weeks of residential treatment. Paul agreed and began his recovery programme after filming.

A Second Chance

The makers of The Jeremy Kyle Show gave Paul a second chance at a new life and hopefully he will stick with the programme and begin a new life with his children. The story told by Irene and Paul highlights the devastation that a drug addiction can have on the entire family.

Financial hardship and relationship breakdowns are a common consequence of many types of addiction, and pain and suffering are common for the whole family.

Help is Available

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