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Addiction Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in London

At Addiction Helper, we work with the most successful and renowned rehab and detox addiction treatment centres in and around London. We know which addictions they specialise in and what their addiction treatment programme involves. So we can find the right rehab centre in London for your circumstances.

Whether you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, an eating disorder or are suffering from co-dependency or dual diagnosis, the treatment you’ll receive in a rehab clinic in London is second to none. Our London treatment centres offer a combination of treatments including individual and group counselling and therapy, relapse prevention, life skills workshops and alternative therapies such as relaxation and art therapy. Our rehab centres in London provide residential primary treatment, outpatient day treatment, secondary care, detox in a safe, medically supervised environment, day treatment and family programmes. We can also arrange tertiary addiction treatment in a clinic in one of London’s upmarket boroughs.

Inpatient addiction treatment versus outpatient addiction treatment in London

Inpatient, or residential, addiction treatment means that a client is given 24 hour care in a detox and rehab clinic. Clients are given a personalised treatment programme which can last from a few weeks to several months. They are supervised and monitored around the clock, and have the constant support of people in a similar situation. This type of addiction treatment is usually very effective as clients have a structured routine and are not distracted by the outside world, which enables them to focus on their physical and psychological recovery. Detox within a residential clinic is usually safer than home detox programmes. Most of the rehab centres in London offer a medically supervised detox.

Outpatient addiction treatment allows the client to continue their day-to-day life, such as work or education. It is also suitable for those who use alcohol and drugs in a harmful way but have not yet developed a true dependency to substances. The outpatient will usually be under the care of a Care Co-ordinator who will manage the client’s recovery plan. Programmes for outpatients vary according to needs but may include attending a rehab clinic for group therapy, visiting a private addictions counsellor and participating in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous meetings. Outpatient treatment can present a challenge in that the client is not supervised constantly, and relapse is a real risk. However, it can be an effective form of treatment for those who cannot commit to full-time addiction treatment.

There is a great range of addiction treatment options in London, including inpatient residential centres and day treatment programmes. The rehab clinics in London offer an exceptional addiction treatment service for inpatients and outpatients, and there are many addiction support services and addiction support groups available on the NHS in London.


Featured London Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

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