sniffCannabis scented scratch and sniff cards are to be used as the latest weapon in the war against drugs. Crimestoppers are posting hundreds of the cards to households around UK in an effort to find illegal cannabis farms.

Scratch the surface and sniff out criminals

Crimestoppers hope that the innovative scratch and sniff cards will help people to recognise the smell of cannabis and then report their law breaking neighbours to the police. The cards, which are green and black in colour, are designed to replicate the smell of cannabis in its growing state. The last two years have seen a huge rise in the number of cannabis farms found in private homes, with the highest percentage of being in the west Yorkshire area.. Over 18 landed cannabis farms were found in the locality of West Yorkshire by police officers in the last two years. Coming a close second, South Yorkshire had just over 1600 farms uncovered in the same period. Greater Manchesterand London were also found to be particularly rife in home plantations.

Knowledge is power

The cards aim to fill a gap in people’s knowledge. Many people do not suspect that they may have an illegal drugs factory next door as a may not occur to them that cannabis could be grown in such a way. Crimestoppers said that drug barons  were tending to use commercial and industrial property  less and more likely to use residential buildings to grow the drug.

Widespread and harmful

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK. Far from the harmful, natural substance some believe it to be, cannabis is addictive and is a major contributing factor to organised crime in the Britain. Prices paid for street drugs are much higher than most of Europe, which makes the country a very attractive proposition to organised criminals. Both native and foreign criminals are active at all levels of the drug trade in the UK. By growing the addictive drug in the UK, drug barons avoid the costs of smuggling and transportation onto our shores and their profits soar as more people fall victim to drug addiction every day.

A new approach

It is hoped the introduction of these innovative scratch and sniff cards will help tackle the rising problem of cannabis being grown in the UK. The government is quite clear in its zero tolerance, and is spending millions in the war against drugs. Those caught growing cannabis anywhere, be it residential or industrial premises face a lengthy prison sentence.

The war against drugs is one that the whole world needs to keep on fighting – drug use has a high price on society and the ramifications can be global and keep many nations in poverty. Cannabis addiction is no different than all other addictions.

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